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Korea - For The Present Purpose (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Modern Rock / Pop Gothic
Label: Vicisolum Productions
Playing time: 37:14
Band homepage: Korea


  1. Insufficient Karma
  2. STHLM Psycho
  3. Save Your Pain
  4. Self Deception
  5. Above
  6. Rebound
  7. Me Vs. You
  8. It´s Over
  9. GPHH38
  10. Growing Apathy
Korea - For The Present Purpose

With this album, it appears there´s more to Vicisolum Productions than just signing awesome Death Metal bands and releasing their fine products. Sweden´s KOREA aren´t even close to being related to any Extreme Metal genre whatsoever, so you could call them a minority group once you´ve looked at the rest of the label´s band roster. The four guys from Stockholm know their ways around flirtatious rock beats, melancholic melodies and sweaty nighttime clubbing atmospheres, and their lyrics dealing with all sorts of problems in our daily life, personal and global, is likely to appeal to millions of people out there.


Comparisons towards H.I.M., A PERFECT CIRCLE, CARPARK NORTH, TOOL and DEPECHE MODE should tell you that the odds are in favor of “For The Present Purpose” being a modern, super catchy, gothy, experimental, rocking album, and now that I´m done listening, I find it to be a very accurate description with the aforementioned associations completely justifiable. The songs are incredibly catchy with multiple hooks concerning guitar and vocal arrangements, the drumming is tasteful while maintaining the juicy rhythmics that´s so vital to this kind of music, and the keyboards supply the dreamy atmospheres and simple electronics.


I´ll make no arguments on the fact that for a debut album, the band has done well, yet the charm of these songs seem to wear off pretty quick, partly because of the monotonous vocals (despite catchy but otherwise caught in the same voice register and occasionally lacking feel) and the constant dwelling in choruses, the best example being songs like “Me Vs. You” and “GPHH38”. One can nag and complain over and over again, the fact remains: this kind of music can´t be written or performed without a strong focus on catchy arrangements and simple song structures with even more emphasis on those infiltrating choruses that get stuck in our heads.


So there... this reviewer thinks “For The Present Purpose” is a good starting point for the band, but it´s not exactly the most exciting product on the market at the moment.

(Online April 26, 2009)

Frodi Stenberg

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