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Soli Diaboli Gloria - s/t (3/10) - Russia - 2009

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Assault Rex
Playing time: 34:27
Band homepage: -


  1. Casus Primo 
  2. Fallen 
  3. Reinkarnation
  4. Dezekration Master (Deathspell Omega Cover)
  5. Obscvrvm in Aeternvm 
  6. Armageddon 
  7. Soli Diaboli Gloria
Soli Diaboli Gloria - s/t

Raw and extremely inaccessible Black pseudo-art from the Karelian wastelands, that is SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA in a nutshell. Their self-titled debut album harbors no creativity whatsoever, simply a discharge of bland anti-Christian sermons.

“Soli Diaboli Gloria” is a bastion of primitive Black Metal, soaked in second wave Norwegian blood. Even though their sound is comparable to illustrious acts such as TAAKE or TSJUDER, you shouldn’t expect a similar enthralling sensorial assault. In fact, this Russian trio doesn’t even come close to their famed examples. The whole album is a long stretch of unimaginative tremolo picking ranging from quasi mediocre to utterly forgettable. Another point of discontent goes out to the subpar infernal shrieking provided by vocalist F. (what’s in a name?). His vocals feel too forced and overdone, as if he was wedgied several times by Lucifer himself during the recording. Moreover, the curious production is particularly dissatisfactory. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album was actually recorded live in a cramped concrete bunker that couldn’t even hold a small moose. Even though these “dungeon recordings” are a basic aspect of true kvlt Black Metal, I couldn’t care less. The faint blastbeat drumming and all-dominating buzzing roar of the six strings don’t possess any remarkable melodies whatsoever to appeal to my forgiving character.

In the matter of fact, nothing over the course of this 35 minute lackluster ride could keep my attention. And the feeble attempt to cover DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s “Dezekration Master” only brought a bigger thump to my already much troubled cranium. The plethora of bands making similar and far superior primitive satanic Black Metal will give “Soli Diaboli Gloria” a one way ticket to the oubliette. If (for some alarming reason) you feel the urge to buy this prosaic album from an obscure Russian mailorder, then remember that this disc will serve a better purpose as beer coaster or frisbee than rotating in your cd player. To avoid!

(Online April 29, 2009)

Jorryd Andries

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