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Mithotyn - Gathered Around The Oaken Table (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Invasion
Playing time: 55:09
Band homepage: -


  1. Lord Of Ironhand
  2. Watchmen Of The Wild
  3. In The Clash Of Arms
  4. Hearts Of Stone
  5. The Well Of Mimir
  6. Chariot Of Power
  7. Nocturnal Riders
  8. The Guardian
  9. Imprisoned
  10. Guided By History
  11. The Old Rover
Mithotyn - Gathered Around The Oaken Table
With their third album, MITHOTYN again defend the Viking Metal-throne with ease, because "Gathered Around The Oaken Table" even manages to top the already very strong albums "In The Sign Of The Ravens" and "Kings Of The Distant Forest".

The MITHOTYN-mixture of Black Metal (especially the voice), mighty choirs, which seem to come straight from the Vikings, Folk-passages and very melodic guitar has been refined again and is offered in its most mature form on this album.

No matter, of fast and furious ("Chariot Of Power"), varied and with shout-chorus ("Lord Of Ironhand") or intricate and doomy ("Guided By History" or "The Well Of Mimir"), all finds the direct way from ear to brain and conjures up images of long lost times before your mind's eye.

Only "The Old Rover" doesn't fit into that scheme, as it is a very calm song with completely clean vocals, apparently an old folk-tune.

Who even only remotely likes the above-described sound and doesn't go and get this album has a big gaping hole in his CD-collection. The only reason, why I don't give the top rating is that I need some space for the next album.

Alexander Melzer

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