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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DAATH - The Concealers

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Daath - The Concealers (9/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Modern Metal / Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:20
Band homepage: Daath


  1. Sharpen The Blades
  2. Self-Corruption Manifesto
  3. The Worthless
  4. The Unbinding Truth
  5. Silenced
  6. Wilting On The Vine
  7. Translucent Potency
  8. Day Of Endless Light
  9. Duststorm
  10. …Of Poisoned Sorrows
  11. Incestuous Amplification
Daath - The Concealers

Well, well, well. So DAATH has finally chosen to release their new album, “The Concealers”. I’ve been waiting for this album so long I figured it was to be lost in purgatory (as the band shifted some line-ups and floated between labels), but as it would seem the Metal Gods were on my side I finally hold in my hands the third full length release from these American Metal mixers. Now that I’ve listened to it, I must say that I couldn’t be a whole lot happier.


DAATH’s album prior was a prime example of how Death Metal and Industrial could be mixed in a modern sense without sounding like a FEAR FACTORY clone, but the band seems to want to try out new waters with “The Concealers” instead. So gone is most of the Industrial elements from the mix (sans a few moments here and there and the song “…Of Poisoned Sorrows” which retains that synthetic side) and replacing that is just renewed sense of instrumental depth and technicality. So if you want “The Hinderers 2” then you will sorely be disappointed.


With this new focus on instrumental depth though, I think that “The Concealers” is a superior album and the best from DAATH to date. Even without the Industrial side, the band still embraces a solid foundation of Modern Metal songwriting to compliment their Death Metal and Groove sides. It’s not the most apparent when listening to the album (the band does embrace some very classic Metal ideologies like dueling solos on this record) but there is a definite Modern sensibility to the record as shown with moments like on “Self-Corruption Manifesto”.


The biggest difference for “The Concealers” is an overall presence that DAATH is a band now. Before I always got a feeling that the band’s music was a ‘side project’ to something else (although there really wasn’t anything else). Now there is chemistry between the band members, especially between guitarists Levi and Werstler and its refreshing compared to some of their earlier material. The solos feel more expansive, the riffs feel tighter, and the trade offs are taut. About time!


At first, I felt that perhaps the songs were a little too similar from beginning to end on this album, but with repeated listenings “The Concealers” was really starting to catch my fancy and now I might have to say this is one of my favorite albums of the year thus far. It’s still modern enough to retain a catchiness that DAATH is known for but they have incorporated a heavier ‘classic’ Death Metal vibe to compliment the Groove and it simply just works really well. It’s hard for me not to bark along with new vocalist Sean Z on “Sharpen The Blades” (whom on his debut with the band gives a great performance). These guys are definitely a band to watch and “The Concealers” feels like the beginning of a whole new ear for the band…and I’m eager to follow.


Songs to check out: “Sharpen The Blades”, “Silenced”, “The Worthless”.

(Online May 11, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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