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Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal (10/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Playing time: 42:54
Band homepage: Blood Tsunami


  1. Evil Unleashed
  2. Let Blood Rain
  3. Rampage Of Revenge
  4. Infernal Final Carnage
  5. Devoured By Flames
  6. Torn Apart
  7. Godbeater
  8. Killing Spree
Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal

As the second wave of Thrash Metal gets into full swing, it's not all that surprising to hear new bands playing an old school Thrash inspired Metal. It is surprising to hear a band that doesn't just copy the old 80s Thrash Metal but actually adds its own twists and spins to the genre. BLOOD TSUNAMI are just what their name says... a tsunami of Thrash Metal ready to sweep its listener away in a hurricane of violence, guitar insanity, and a pure heart of Thrash.


The aptly titled, "Thrash Metal" takes old school Thrash Metal attitude and incorporates a modern twist to it with high level productions and a modern Metal sense of songwriting. Some elitist Thrash fans may not enjoy its slick production, but for a genre that could easily relapse into running in circles, "Thrash Metal" is a breath of fresh air. 


As soon as you put in the album prepare to be hit with dueling guitar parts that almost perfectly combine technicality, ferocity, and energy into a solid force ready to tear out your ears out.  The chemistry and stellar writing by both guitarists allow the music to have great variety in its conception without ever letting the listener go. The music is all perfectly in sync with each instrument so that nothing is stealing the focus nor giving it up.  Itís a rare thing to hear that collaboration so this album is something to treasure.


The vocals are definitely a modern style of Thrash vocals. Not the high pitched shrieks and harsh screams of the old Thrash bands of old but a little more guttural and more along the lines of Black Metal.  The vocals are just sinister enough to keep the music dark but not deep enough to leach into the Death Metal spectrum. A perfect combination for the album and for the music. On a side note, the vocals are performed by Pete Evil, who also happens to host the Norwegian version of Headbanger's Ball. A double threat if you will.


Sometimes in the Thrash genre, bands forget to let speed of the songs change a bit. Not for BLOOD TSUNAMI though, as they vary their sound. "Infernal Final Charge" has an awesome galloping groove to it that makes the listener want to leap into battle and slay a herd of posers. Other songs like "Let Blood Rain" or "Torn Apart" keep an old school Thrash vibe alive with their chaotic but catchy instrumental work.  


Strangely enough, the brightest gem on the album happens to be the 10 and a half minute instrumental masterpiece, "Godbeater." The skillfully crafted epic starts with a doomy sound but kicks into gear quickly and becomes a full on Thrash bombardment as it quickly changes tones and sounds throughout. In fact, "Godbeater" takes a little bit of KREATOR and mixes it with some OVERKILL into a priceless and tasty track that only comes about once in a movement.


As the second wave of Thrash Metal gets into full swing, bands need to take note. BLOOD TSUNAMI is the future of Thrash Metal. They have a unique and personal sound that will put them heads and tales above the rest. "Thrash Metal" may be their debut...but it is definitely a genre defining album too.


Songs to check out: "Let Blood Rain", "Godbeater", "Infernal Final Carnage."

(Online May 20, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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