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Lordi - Deadache (8/10) - Finland - 2008

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: The End Records
Playing time: 47:17
Band homepage: Lordi


  1. SCG IV
  2. Girls Go Chopping
  3. Bite It Like A Bulldog
  4. Monsters Keep Me Company
  5. Man Skin Boots
  6. Dr. Sin Is In
  7. The Ghosts Of Heceta Head
  8. Evilyn
  9. The Rebirth Of The Countess
  10. Raise Hell In Heaven
  11. Deadache
  12. The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile
  13. Missing Miss Charlene
Lordi - Deadache

For some reason, I will always come back to LORDI. As a fan of the faster, more complex versions of the Heavy Metal genres, a straight up punch in the face, Hard Rockin’ Heavy Metal band like LORDI isn’t normality for my listening pile. But since I heard “Blood Red Sandman” I’ve been addicted to their sound and have found that no matter what they do I have enjoyed it, including their latest romp “Deadache”.


Is “Deadache” a great album? No. Is LORDI a great band? Still no. Yet, their massive amounts of fun that seep through their horror inspired ballsy (yet still very catchy) music just catches me to no end. I can not be bored with a LORDI record and “Deadache” is no exception. From the opening fist pumper “Girls Go Chopping” to the last key board heavy and sappy ending of “Missing Miss Charlene”, I never found myself wanting to switch albums or even wanting to skip through tracks.


Granted, as with all of their albums, “Deadache” is not for everyone. If you have been following the band for a while then you know that they combine the fun Hard Rock fun of KISS with a little of that ROB ZOMBIE modern outlook on music (especially the vocals) and they simply continue that on. If you liked LORDI before then you will like this – nothing has changed all that much (perhaps the line up which has essentially no effect on the outcome). It’s a fist pumper and foot stomper through out and even the balladic type songs like “Monsters Keep Me Company” don’t lose that vibe.


So go into the album expecting fun, simple, and anthem-like music and you will have a great time listening to “Deadache”. With horror-themed lyrics, lots of odd KING DIAMOND-esque keyboard sections, punchy rhythms and catchy melodies this is definitely made for mass consumption but it never strikes me as a lacking something for it, which makes it all the more appealing. Great fun, not much more, but definitely satisfying.


Songs to check out: “Girls Go Chopping”, “Raise Hell In Heaven”, “Man Skin Boots”.

(Online May 27, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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