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Prodigal Earth - Zenith II Zero (7/10) - Cyprus - 2009

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Pitch Black Records
Playing time: 56:12
Band homepage: Prodigal Earth


  1. Disaster 121
  2. Broken World
  3. Lonely Gods
  4. Once Upon A Crime
  5. Crossroads
  6. God’s Children
  7. The Young Ones
  8. Will To Live
  9. The End (Ashes Of Desire Pt.1)
  10. Pro Defunctis
  11. Pro Defunctis (Alternate Version)
Prodigal Earth - Zenith II Zero

is not one of the European bastions of Heavy Metal. It’s a very fine island to visit and to soak up the sunshine but as for producing world conquering Metal bands it’s fair to say that Cyprus is lacking somewhere behind most of the western world. However that could well be about to change and in PRODIGAL EARTH with their debut offering ‘’Zenith II Zero’’ this small Mediterranean island has a band that could easily build themselves into a potent Traditional Heavy Metal band.


There’s such a glut of Metal bands out there flying the flag for 80’s Metal it’s possibly starting to get a bit saturated but I will tell you this PRODIGAL EARTH score points on many levels with the bands approach to song writing and that ability to capture the essence of the Metal spirit. That they have a vocalist, Nicholas Leptos, whose range is somewhere along side Kiske, Dickinson and Tate is not a boastful jest. He is simply a top notch Heavy Metal singer.


PRODIGAL EARTH’S music is a spirited romp through, mainly, IRON MAIDEN influences but also packed with CRIMSON GLORY and the mighty JAG PANZER Progressive technical dexterity. The first three tracks showcase the bands foot-on-the-monitor Trad influences with sharp riffing and sterling vocals. ‘’Crossroads’’ and ‘’God’s Children’’ have real oomph and bite with some flashy guitar duels. Both the epic ‘’Will To Live’’ and lengthy ‘’ The End (Ashes Of Desire Pt.1)’’ sees the band push the Porg Metal envelope as they try to veer away, successfully, from the full on Metal assault. The debut closes on the acoustic JAG PANZER type ‘’Pro Defunctis’’ and even though it’s a quiet end to proceedings this takes nothing away from a fairly robust, high standard Metal record and given that this is the bands inaugural offering better things can only lie ahead.

(Online May 27, 2009)

Chris Doran

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