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Unquintessence - Ruined (8,5/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Galy Records
Playing time: 26:09
Band homepage: Unquintessence


  1. An Epitaph For The Lightbearer
  2. Whispers Of Funeral Omen
  3. Struggling In The Profound Well Of Unquintessence
  4. To Finally Ascend In The Darkest Of Path
  5. Toward Scions Of Improvement
Unquintessence - Ruined
While I was at the CD store, the cover art of this CD caught my attention right away, but the large "EXTREME BLACK METAL" sticker really put me off (not that I have anything against extreme Black Metal, it just really rubbed me the wrong way). I decided to listen to it, however, and after the first 10 seconds of the first song I decided to buy it.

The thing I like the most about this CD is beyond a shadow of a doubt the vocals. They're completely out of this world. From the initial vocals assault in the first few seconds on the opening track, to the final word on the disc, they're a relentless savage attack. Of course, the music matches perfectly. The guitars churn out chaotic whirlwind like riffs that are accompanied by frenzied drums. My only complaint is that the bass player doesn't seem to share the same heightened energy that the rest of the band does.

Each track on the disc is violent and ugly, and played with an extreme savagery. Although UNQUINTESSENCE do at times ease up on the speed and mute the attack, to the point where the music almost becomes mellow, they concentrate primarily (and shine most brightly) when they are playing their fastest, most vicious material.

After thinking about it, UNQUINTESSENCE definitely deserves the EXTREME BLACK METAL tag. (Online December 8, 2002)

Mark McKenna

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