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This Ending - Dead Harvest (9/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 44:33
Band homepage: This Ending


  1. Trace Of Sin
  2. Parasites
  3. Machinery
  4. Instigator Of Dead Flesh
  5. Dellusionists
  6. Army Of The Dying Sun
  7. Dead Harvest
  8. Tools Of Demise
  9. Deathtrade
  10. The Asylum
This Ending - Dead Harvest

Two years ago THIS ENDING had been one of the best newcomers of the year. Well, newcomers is a relative word, because basically being the second coming of A CANOROUS QUINTET, the members all having been in ACQ before, but under the new moniker “Inside The Machine” was an excellent piece of Swedish and melodic Death Metal way beyond Göteborg. For “Dead Harvest” the guys follow down a similar route, but are anything but a copy of the debut, because they have expanded the dark and cold atmosphere that some electronic and Industrial elements already had brought in on the debut, which sets them apart from the plethora of other melodic Death Metal bands out there and that is a good thing.


Despite several blastbeats and crushing riffing, the Swedes put a lot of emphasis on melodies, though, all of which in combination with mentioned cold atmosphere form a very appealing mix that should make them appealing to fans of both the melodic side and also the heavier end of the spectrum. And with everything many of the songs have an uncanny catchiness that will drill the songs into your brain and there is one song on “Dead Harvest” that could be put into any encyclopedia, which is “Parasites”, which is all of the above. It’s a mid-paced powerhouse of a song, with thundering double-bass, epic riffing, Mårten Hansen’s powerful delivery and this incredible catchy chorus with immediately hooking guitar melody that you can listen to over and over again (and even growl along to) without becoming stale, brilliant track!


But not all is epic and melodic, don’t get me wrong, “Dead Harvest” does pack quite a punch, but it is its versatility that puts it head and shoulders above the broiling mass of mediocrity out there. “Machinery” has futuristic/end time riffing as well as great melodies, harsh blastbeats and more and everything is homogenous and flowing, so this is anything but your generic Melo Death band out there, while “Instigator Of Dead Flesh” has this menacing aggression hovering around the surface, intertwining with the despite of its aggressive nature immensely catchy chorus. I thoroughly enjoy this mix of different elements into a cohesive whole, as it keeps things highly interesting and combined with the high-quality delivery by the musicians results in one of my personal Death Metal highlights of the year.


The production is powerful and clear, with every instrument clearly audible and contributing to the whole. It is really good to see that this band has not lost any of its touch, be it in its first incarnation as A CANOROUS QUINTET or now as THIS ENDING, equally melodic and brutal Death Metal doesn’t come much better than “Dead Harvest”!

(Online May 22, 2009)

Alexander Melzer

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