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Nova Art - Follow Yourself (8,5/10) - Russia - 2009

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Playing time: 50:30
Band homepage: Nova Art


  1. Don’t Follow The Crowd
  2. Follow Yourself
  3. Would My Soul... (Deliverance Pt. 1)
  4. Medium (Deliverance Pt. 2)
  5. Sense Of Life (Deliverance Pt. 3)
  6. Knowledge Garden
  7. Just Raining
  8. Deceptive World
  9. 2-35 Before The Roar
  10. My Essence
  11. Lost In Dreams
Nova Art - Follow Yourself

Arose at the dawn of the new millennium, NOVA ART has been shedding its lucent rays on the Metal scene for almost a decade now. As far as the title of its second studio full-length, “Follow Yourself”, is concerned, the band seems to be practising what it preaches – instead of swimming with the cosmic current of banality, it has chosen to excavate its own canal and feed it by pure rivulets of Art Rock; Power, Alternative, and Nu-Metal; Chill Out; New Wave; and Electronic music, so as to form a Progressive stream that will not stop until the listeners’ ears are fully irrigated. It seems as if the band has decided to collect its musical assets and, through a narrow black hole, escape to a certain void that is filled by no other entity but its special own—an entity that has almost entirely disposed of its Slavic disposition in favour of a more cosmopolitan identity.


No matter how visionary appears to be the succession of elements constructing each song, Andrey Nova and co are ever ready to tackle the challenge—especially that their advanced musicianship endows them with the means they need to prove the viability of the impractical. Characteristically, the band’s catchiness is of the same kind as that of ANGRA and ANGEL DUST; its elegance is akin to that of PATHOS and ORPHANED LAND; and its vigour is not unlike MACHINE HEAD’s, notwithstanding its sound is similar to none. DREAM THEATER’s synth solos; TEN’s acoustic leads; DEMONS & WIZARDS’s symphonic vocalise; and IRON MAIDEN’s clean verses, all take part in the naissance of “Follow Yourself”, and the band’s kaleidoscopic moves from one verse to the other are done so smoothly that they do not blemish the coherence of the songs nor disturb the overall flow of the album.


When all is said, however, there is always something to add when talking about NOVA ART. As much as I would like to do that, I know that my words would only give a panoramic view that does not serve highlighting particular elements in the midst of such abundance. As a matter of fact, NOVA ART is courageous enough to take extreme steps across the Metal field so as to cut its own piece of land, taking a tree of each genre and producing a crop that is rich; varied; and ear-pleasing. “Follow Yourself” is not actually recommended to the single-minded fans of any of the above mentioned bands, yet to those who would appreciate the collectiveness of both the technical and the characteristic aspects of the bands’ sounds, plus more. As for those looking for an ‘art’ that is original; sophisticated; and memorable, they could very well be looking for NOVA ART.

(Online June 4, 2009)


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