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Parity Boot - Into Nothing (8/10) - Germany - 2009

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: H'Art Records
Playing time: 47:00
Band homepage: Parity Boot


  1. Into Nothing
  2. Sickness
  3. Until We’re Strong
  4. Pride
  5. The Void
  6. Dying Here
  7. No More Lies
  8. Fail
  9. All Is Gray
  10. Stare And Burn


Parity Boot - Into Nothing

I definitely am not the biggest Industrial Metal under the dark sun, but I can tolerate MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE or older FEAR FACTORY. And Hamburg’s PARITY BOOT hit the same kerb.


The cover seems to be homage to old FEAR FACTORY...Musically this is a rock that hat its spikes sharpened and they are far more than just a copy of the Americans. This is Modern Metal at its best, very variable and brutal, not having to hind behind any international competition. Quite the contrary, groovy and very voluminously produced end-time sounds will lead the listener into meltdown!


Surely this is nothing for the old school Metalhead, but come on, take off your blinders – this is brutal, metallic (yes!) and has balls like cantaloupes!

(Online July 24, 2011)

Ralf Henn

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