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Fianna - The Beginning (6,5/10) - Italy - 2009

Genre: Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 19:11
Band homepage: Fianna


  1. Shoulder To Shoulder
  2. The Beginning
  3. Too Late
  4. Retrieve
Fianna - The Beginning

Nowadays, there seem to be two types of Thrash bands – those who strictly channel the 1980's, and those who describe themselves as Thrash, but really have a style that is more reminiscent of Melodic Metalcore.

Given that backdrop, this demo EP came as a pleasant surprise, as FIANNA have crafted a sound that adds a Heavy Metal vibe to a solid Thrash foundation. Opening track “Shoulder To Shoulder” leads off with some cool riffing, and sets an expectation that this is a band that will not be relying on speed, but rather on strong riffs and cool hooks to establish their sound. Rather than exclusively using power chords, however, the band add further dimension to their sound through consistent use of guitar licks to carry the rhythm.

It is in the vocals that this release really gets its traditional Heavy Metal component to its sound. At the time of this writing, the band's web site was still under construction, so the vocalist's name was unavailable. Suffice it to say, however, that his performance was markedly different from the conventional screaming Thrash fare. Rather, the sound is more akin to Paul “Wino” Weinrich (THE OBSESSED, SAINT VITUS, SPIRIT CARAVAN).

FIANNA are not the fastest, the most technical, or the most progressive Thrash band around, but their sound is fresh. The playing was a bit sloppy here and there, but the performance was better than merely competent. FIANNA show some promise.

(Online June 10, 2009)

Steve Herrmann

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