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20 tablatures for Testament

Testament - Live At Eindhoven '87 (6,5/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Playing time: 45:41
Band homepage: Testament


  1. Disciples Of The Watch
  2. The Haunting
  3. Apocalyptic City
  4. First Strike Is Deadly
  5. Burnt Offerings
  6. Alex Skolnick Guitar Solo
  7. Over The Wall
  8. Do Or Die
  9. Curse Of The Legion Of Death (COTLOD)
  10. Reign Of Terror
Testament - Live At Eindhoven '87

Now that TESTAMENT is back in the ring again with their tremendous ‘comeback’ album “The Formation Of Damnation”, its only a matter of time before people try to capitalize on the critical and public praise of the band. Thusly we have the re-release of “Live At Eindhoven ‘87”. Now there is some aspects of this re-release that make this worth the purchase, but there are some issues on this release too that might have the more casual TESTAMENT fans skip over it.


Those of you that have been following TESTAMENT for any length of time might recognize the “Live At Eindhoven ‘87” from its original release as an EP back from the late 80s. But those of you that were the hardcore fans and already have this release, this is, and this is the kicker, the expanded set list from that live show back in the day. No more of this EP bull shit with only 5 songs, this time we get a solid 10 live tracks from the opening days of the band. This makes it worth the listen and purchase for those of you that wanted to hear the full set list and perhaps hear some of these songs from their early career that you won’t hear live anymore.


And the performances are awesome. It’s hard to criticize early TESTAMENT and their abilities even in a live format. What I can criticize about “Live At Eindhoven ‘87” is the very shitty production and presentation of said amazing band. This is what is going to throw many listeners for a loop. One has to realize this was recorded live in 1987 so I can give some leeway for that, but seriously this is a very poorly recorded concert. Chuck Billy’s vocals fade in and out, the drums are far too loud, and the guitars are muddy as hell with Alex Skolnick’s leads being overrun by everything else. It’s cool to hear the band from this era (especially since I just realized that I wasn’t even 2 when this set was recorded), but the poor presentation hinders this from being a great live album.


So if you can’t stand live albums to begin with this is only for collectors of TESTAMENT material. It’s nice to hear a full set list from 1987 but the poor production and presentation really makes this a make it or break it release. If you are a TESTAMENT fan to the death, then this is a nice addition to your collection but if not, then this is probably a skip. Interesting to hear once or twice but it loses its value later.


Side Note: Where the hell is “Alone In The Dark”? I love that song and its one of the few early tracks that isn’t represented on this set list. Suck.

(Online June 12, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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