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Turilli, Luca - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse (8/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 51:29
Band homepage: Turilli, Luca


  1. Aenigma
  2. War Of The Universe
  3. Rider Of The Astral Fire
  4. Zaephyr Skies´ Theme
  5. The Age Of Mystic Ice
  6. Prince Of The Starlight
  7. Timeless Oceans
  8. Demonheart
  9. New Century´s Tarantella
  10. Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
Turilli, Luca - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
"King Of The Nordic Twilight", Luca Turilli's solo debut, had been very good, but also very close to RHAPSODY. Now we have his second effort "Prophet Of The Last Eclipse" and he has managed to A) find his own style, which still is clearly audibly Luca Turilli and B) at least keep up the same level of quality, so things look good indeed.

After the almost inevitable intro "Aenigma", "War Of The Universe" shows off all trademarks of the Turilli-sound, like great vocals by Olaf Hayer, grand choirs and epic melodies, but at the same time more guitar oriented than his main band RHAPSODY, featuring less keyboards (maybe because of Alex Staropoli not being involved, I don't know). So we get a start in style, so to say.

Yet within the keyboards we also get a change, here and there they have a certain electronic touch to them, which still does not take away anything from the overall class of compositions like the already mentioned "War Of The Universe" or "Prince Of The Starlight" (hey, you know folks that I'm the one, who is allergic to those electronics, even in such small doses as here, remember?) with its grand choir and epic melody, great! Or the heavy "Demonheart" (also the first single), heavier than most Turilli has done so far. And I definitely have to agree with all, who say that singer Olaf Hayer is one of the best kept secrets in Metal, he has a grandiose voice indeed.

Furthermore Luca has gone space on us, not only on the Transformers-like cover, but also in the lyrics, which differ nicely from the Fantasy-laden RHAPSODY epics (which I like, too, don't get my wrong), for he is telling a whole science-fiction story, which still fits in with the sounds and all, so not drop off here either.

Yet still, who hates RHAPSODY will most probably don't like Turilli solo either, but the other way round fits as well, who loves RHAPSODY should definitely get "Prophet Of The Last Eclipse", too, and maybe this one might even appeal to more people, because the orchestrations are not as huge as with RHAPSODY… (Online December 6, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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