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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - TURILLI, LUCA - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse Ltd. Edition

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Turilli, Luca - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse Ltd. Edition (6/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 61:13
Band homepage: Turilli, Luca


  1. Aenigma
  2. War Of The Universe
  3. Rider Of The Astral Fire
  4. Zaephyr Skies' Theme
  5. The Age Of Mystic Ice
  6. Prince Of The Starlight
  7. Timeless Oceans
  8. Demonheart
  9. New Century's Tarantella
  10. Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
  11. Dark Comet's Reign (bonus track)
  12. Demonheart (vocals by Andre Matos) (bonus track)
Turilli, Luca - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse Ltd. Edition
Just how much sleep this man gets, what with all his musical commitments, would be interesting to know. His prolific musical out put with RHAPSODY would push all but the bravest and hard working musician to the limit but Luca Turilli is not content with that. No he adds a solo career and pursues that as hard as his endeavours with the Italian Symphonic Metal Masters.

Only if you've been hiding in a very big and dark cave in the snow bound Himalayas could you have escaped the name of Luca Turilli and his impact on the world of Heavy Metal. There are very few bands that can rival RHAPSODY in their chosen field of Epic Cosmic Symphonic Power Hollywood Metal - quite a mouthful you'll agree and generally sums up the complexity and sheer weight of technical precision of RHAPSODY's and Turilli's music.

Luca Turilli's music is not instantly warmed to. It is extremely complicated and intricate and at times long winded and completely over the top. And perhaps boring and wholly absurd to the uninitiated. There is so much to take in that this is not music you have on in the background. His almost obsession with science fiction and fantasy can be a touch irritating a times (honestly how many of you read the linear notes and the stories he concocts for his solo career and RHAPSODY?)

He also manages to blend numerous styles of non-Metal styles into his music from Classical to Baroque to Folk. I said it wasn't easy to listen to.

However time spent listening is time well spent as the layers of music peels away to reveal a master craftsman at work. There is no doubt that he is virtuoso guitar player and his Classical training has given him a unique talent to tackle the music he writes and plays. But what of the music?

Well for me this album is in no way a worthy successor to the glorious "King Of The Nordic Twilight" (1999). "King…" was packed with soaring vocals, scintillating guitar runs and some of the best choruses that have graced the Metal genre. "King…" was also a step down from the complexities of RHAPSODY and for all intents was just a great Power Metal album. "Prophet…" is just like a RHAPSODY album: overblown in the extreme and way to complicated. Why make a solo album that's so similar to your main groups sound! But then again why change if it's not broken? "War Of The Universe" kicks starts everything after the obligatory swirling keyboard intro and what a fine start. Guitars flourish, keyboards weave, drums thunder and the vocals of Olaf Hayer collect it all together with a masterful hand. From there on it's much of the same. Not bad and not that particularly outstanding either. Tracks such as "Rider Of The Astral Fire", "Prince Of Starlight" and the mighty "Demonheart" are just what's expected and won't disappoint.

OK I'm being a touch critical but it'd be a change to hear Luca change! It's going to be a battle to keep this in the CD tray. (Online December 17, 2002)

Chris Doran

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