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Law, The - Distorted Anthems From The Suburbs (1/10) - Sweden - 2008

Genre: Groove Thrash / Speed Metal
Label: Metalcentral
Playing time: 40:07
Band homepage: Law, The


  1. Lawman & The Law
  2. Anthem
  3. Nothing To Say
  4. Distort
  5. Can U Not Talk
  6. Dude Of Darkness
  7. Beerblooded
  8. Suburban Satan
  9. Elimination
Law, The - Distorted Anthems From The Suburbs

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock which itself was under an even bigger rock, you’d know that since around 2004 or 2005, there has been a so-called retro “Thrash” revival within Metal. When musical genres run out of ideas, they either A) Experiment with a bunch of stuff or B) Attempt a “retro” return to a previously established style. The former might actually work sometimes, but more often than not, the latter option fails miserably.


Thanks to the good intentions of bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and DEKAPITATOR, we now have a smattering of retro Speed/Thrash bands that dress like its 1985 and sound like they were too lazy to think up anything original or spirited.


Add THE LAW to that list. Not only are they attempting the whole “retro” Thrash thing, I also hear influences from MACHINE HEAD and other Groove Metal bands. Blech. If this wasn’t enough for my poor ears, they decided to ALSO include the gratuitous “we’re so Metal” song. “Anthem” sounds like PANTERA mixed with MANOWAR. Sweet merciful crap, I can barely handle it.


This album is like a subway train which doesn’t stop at your station. At first, you notice it, but then it’s gone and your life isn’t any better or worse for it happening. “Nothing To Say”? Yeah, that sums this album up quite well.

(Online June 25, 2009)

Christopher Karlas

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