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Stormwind - Resurrection (7/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 45:53
Band homepage: Stormwind


  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Ship Of Salvation
  3. Souldance
  4. Seven Seas
  5. Passion
  6. Blinded Eyes
  7. Synphonia Millennialis
  8. Samuraj
  9. Holy Land
Stormwind - Resurrection
Hm, I never knew that "Resurrection" already is the fourth album of this band, because I know the predecessor "Heaven Can Wait", but that there had been two more before that...

Anyway, the nine songs are positioned somewhere between Melodic Metal and Power Metal, the first category is represented by the melodious "Souldance" and the similar "Blinded Eyes", while "Ship Of Salvation" and the varied "Passion" can be put into the more forceful division. Add the ballad "Seven Seas" and you have almost the complete spectrum of the genre.

But there is something more, the heart-piece of the album, where STORMWIND cannot deny that they are more or less the solo-band or guitarist Thomas Wolf: the three-piece instrumental "Synphonia Millennialis", with nearly nine minutes of playing-time almost a symphony by itself. Starting with acoustic guitars, it increases in intensity by the addition of e-guitars and double-bass, just to calm down to Spanish guitars and violin in the end. Of course there is more to it in between, but I think you get the point, eh?

But STORMWIND in my opinion have the same problem as their labelmates MAJESTIC, that their songs find their way into one's ear very nicely, but unfortunately leave it just as swiftly...

Alexander Melzer

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