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Monsterworks - Singularity (5/10) - Great Britain - 2009

Genre: Extreme Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 52:30
Band homepage: Monsterworks


  1. Hit The Ground Running
  2. Cursed
  3. Matariki Dawn
  4. Unlikely Hero
  5. Meanwhile
  6. Crux Victorialis
  7. Death Sentence
  8. Blastnet
  9. Godkiller
  10. Kingdom Of Heathen
  11. Over And Out / Coming Home
  12. Macroscope
Monsterworks - Singularity

Formed in 1996 in New Zealand, then later relocating to England, the schizophrenic, whore-styled monicker of MONSTERWORKS has steadily churned out a handful of releases that according to the members, and I´m just paraphrashing here, “glorify all things Metal”.


Hmm... I honestly didn´t know what to think of this band. They play a multitude of different, traditional metallic styles with incredibly short attention span towards each and every one. I don´t know how their previous albums have sounded, but from what I´ve read, “Singularity” follows a nearly fourteen year old, and still incomplete amalmagation of Death, Power, Thrash and “True” Metal (god... haven´t used that last one in ages hehe), with an extra pinch of old-school-back-in-the-day-pedal-to-the-metal-throw-your-horns attitude, and frankly it just doesn´t sound all too organised. Some of the melodies, solos and keyboard shades are pretty nifty with almost outerwordly effects when combined successfully, yet those cases are too few to raise my eyebrows.


An obvious influence is found in the equally menacing catalogue of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD as both music and vocals are pretty hectic, but you see, Mr. Townsend is capable of retaining a coherent flow at times, while it may not strike you at once, something that´s lacking in MONSTERWORKS. After three rounds of listening, I´m done, I´ve tried and I don´t see it; music sometimes becomes grandiose art, this is pure entertainment, but then again, these guys aren´t being serious about many things, they´re having a good time hehe.


I can´t take this band too seriously, and they´re obviously not meant to be seen as a band spearheading new ways of Metal songwriting, but I reckon this could be casual, fun party music when Extreme Heavy Metal with growls, shouts and KING DIAMOND flavoured screaming are the crowd´s criterias. Far from a pleasant listening experience, but please, do check them out, just for sake of being able to have insight on how comical and unadultered Metal can be.

(Online July 1, 2009)

Frodi Stenberg

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