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Stormhammer - Signs Of Revolution (5/10) - Germany - 2009

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Silverwolf Productions
Playing time: 63:24
Band homepage: Stormhammer


  1. The Other Side (Intro)
  2. Omens Of Agony
  3. Kiss At The Abyss
  4. Signs Of Revolution
  5. Permanent Menace
  6. Well Of Wisdom
  7. Bridges To Eternity
  8. Pied Piper
  9. From Dusk To Dawn
  10. Sham World
  11. Ride On A Razorblade
  12. Challenge Of Life
  13. Calls From The Other Side
Stormhammer - Signs Of Revolution

Germany has given us some of the finest and purest Heavy Metal music known to man. And most importantly some very fine, genre defining Power Metal. The mighty, mighty GRAVE DIGGER, swashbuckling privateers RUNNING WILD, not to mention the pumpkin loons HELLOWEEN, and the True Metal rampage of STORMWARRIOR. Lets face it, Germany is a Heavy Metal country and with that pedigree comes responsibility that few bands can hope to match.


STORMHAMMER is a second division Power Metal band with Melodic Metal tinges. There’s nothing wrong with their music but up against the likes of GRAVE DIGGER and HELLOWEEN they sound like they want it, real bad, but alas their music is fairly standard Power Metal that sounds at times like a crossing between JAG PANZER and CRIMSON GLORY and MANOWAR.


You might think I am being unjustly harsh but the Power Metal genre is awash with like sounding bands and only a few get a shot at the big time. Even though STORMHAMMER do have a collection of battle hardened Power Metal anthems, ‘’Ride On A Razorblade’’, is particularly strong, they’ll forever be a lower league outfit. Regrettably, there’s little to differentiate STORMHAMMER from the glut and unfortunately not even stating made in Germany is enough to warrant much interest in them.

(Online July 5, 2009)

Chris Doran

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