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Disarm Goliath - Raining Steel (7/10) - Great Britain - 2009

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:10
Band homepage: Disarm Goliath


  1. Who Rules The Night
  2. Raining Steel
  3. Two Worlds
Disarm Goliath - Raining Steel

My initial reaction to DISARM GOLIATH at the tail end of 2008 was hardly one of immediate warmth and congeniality. I found the EP, ‘’Man, Machine And Murder’’, a bit of a drag and lacking in any sort of decent merit. And then this a three track EP lands on the proverbial desk and I don’t hold my breath.


Frankly this is night and day compared with the last EP. The addition of Steve Bell on vocals has brought about a sea change in both song writing and overall buzz. This is a tight, impressive unit with a foot in going places very soon territory. Each of the tracks is a heavy weight bruiser mixed with a competent ear for melody a la MADIEN and PRIEST. Bell has an unrefined voice perfectly suited to the heavy riffs and chugging pace. There’s a quite noticeable difference in the quality of the songs and whatever’s in the water in the Midlands DISARM GOLIATH is having their fill!

(Online July 6, 2009)

Chris Doran

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