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Cage - Science Of Annihilation (9/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Music Buy Mail
Playing time: 55:43
Band homepage: Cage


  1. The Power That Feeds
  2. Planet Crusher
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. Spirit Of Vengeance
  5. Black River Falls
  6. Operation Overlord
  7. Power Of A God
  8. Speed Kills
  9. Stranger In Black
  10. Die Glocke
  11. Spectre Of War
  12. Science Of Annihilation
  13. At The Edge Of The Infinite
Cage - Science Of Annihilation



Oh hell yeah! CAGE should be a wet-dream come true for any self-respecting fan of the truest of true Heavy Metal. Sean Peck and co. practically bleed steel and shit iron. Rumor has it they sleep in their leather and eat bolts and nails for breakfast. We’re talking Metal that’s even more Metal than MANOWAR (at least since MANOWAR went all epic-pansy on us), and CAGE doesn’t have to repeatedly remind us of their Metal-ness, as it’s apparent from the get-go. I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the idea. If you can’t stomach heavily clichéd, but also HEAVILY kickass METAL, then CAGE is not the band, and “Science Of Annihilation” is not the album for you.


For those still with me, if you’ve heard either of CAGE’s last two albums – “Darker Than Black” and “Hell Destroyer” – then you know exactly what to expect from “Science Of Annihilation”. I’m talking speed-laden, “Painkiller”-worshiping, Heavy-fucking-Metal. The leads are blazing, the bass is rumbling and the drums are stuck in a near permanent double-bass movement – all this topped off with Peck’s lung-busting, earth-scorching pipes, the likes of which would bring instant grins to the likes of Halford and “Ripper” Owens.


As with past releases, there seems to be a bit of Christian slant to some of the lyrics, but CAGE never get preachy, and definitely don’t fit into the mold of a “Christian Metal band”. More than anything, the lyrics are of a darker-fantasy bent. Not dragons, wizards and such, but story-telling nonetheless. Sure, CAGE’s lyrics are rather goofy, but what Heavy Metal band is known for their deep lyrical content? If that’s what you’re going for, you’re hanging out in the wrong sub-genre.


Two points of contingency for “Science Of Annihilation”, that also hold true for all of CAGE’s releases – are the memorability of the songs, and the length of the album. In CAGE’s catalogue, there are really only a handful of songs that I would consider truly memorable. I good chunk of their songs kick ass while playing, but leave little impact after they end. Luckily, “Science Of Annihilation” sports more memorable songs than probably any CAGE album to date – simply check out the best KING DIAMOND song not actually by the King himself, in “Black River Falls”, or the insanely catchy chorus of “Stranger In Black”, for perfect examples. Also, whatever CAGE lacks in brain-sticking power, they make up for air-guitaribility and spontaneous fits of headbanging. As for the second point of contingency, CAGE have never had the ability to tell when enough is enough, and continue to release albums that go on a little longer than necessary. But maybe that’s just me.


You like Heavy Metal? MANOWAR gone too soft for you? Then make every effort to locate a copy of CAGE’s “Science Of Annihilation”. It’s not a perfect record by any stretch, but it’s a very strong, very enjoyable album by one the genre’s best acts.

(Online July 7, 2009)

Eric Vieth

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