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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - DAWN OF TEARS - Dark Chamber Litanies

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Dawn Of Tears - Dark Chamber Litanies (9/10) - Spain - 2009

Genre: Symphonic Metal / Melodic Metal / Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 28:01
Band homepage: Dawn Of Tears


  1. Cadent Beating
  2. Since They're Gone
  3. Winds Of Despair
  4. As My Autumn Withers
  5. Mr. Jarrod
Dawn Of Tears - Dark Chamber Litanies

Hailing from Spain DAWN OF TEARS serve us their third music effort (an EP), which means nearly 30 minutes of music balancing somewhere on the verge between Symphonic Black Metal, Melodic Death and Gothic music. At least theoretically then, this combination should be like a real sound volcano.


The very beginning of “Dark Chamber Litanies” does not admittedly arouse my attention – the synthesizer intro tunes are as if directly taken from a circus show or similar – yet fortunately the guitars are being used after a while making the whole song a lot more serious, then a short symphonic interlude appears and the tempo is being increased by powerful drumming and blackish riffing, then again everything slows down a bit and the vocalist has some space to spread his lyrical message in a most venomous way. The tempo is altering several times, the song gets either more epic in the Black Metal vein or more straightforward with catchy guitar riffs resembling of Scandinavian Melo-Death scene. The echoes from the latter one can be heard at their finest in the chorus parts, in which associations with for instance IN FLAMES are not a total misunderstanding. As you can see much is going on here and the best thing is that the band are capable of handling this variety and forge all these elements into a very enjoyable whole. Their striving for making Metal music pleasant yet aggressive enough can be best experienced in the second work called “Since They’re Gone”, chorus of which is very easy to memorize . If only there was held a contest like “Summer Metal Hit” I am sure the second song from Spaniards’ EP would be among the most favorite pieces this year.


Actually the same thing can be said about the following tune from this effort. “Winds Of Despair” shows that the guys have great potential to combine fury together with melodic beauty and that they are doing it in their own way, even if it perhaps has some references to some Finnish groups. Apart from the relatively rich key layers there are a lot of very pleasant guitar riffs and soloing that does not take long to be saved in your mind. Also the vocal department has something more to say than just the usual Black shrieking or Death growling – listen for instance to the chorus in the above-mentioned composition for some female voice or to the clear male performance at the song’s end which actually seems to originate from a pop/rock music milieu.


The sound of the EP is very spatial, courtesy not only of the keys but also the guitar performance, which – it feels so – could have alone created an atmosphere like that. Each song emanates with depth, energy and heaviness that even the most renowned bands representing the musical territories similar to these of DAWN OF TEARS would not be ashamed of.


Obviously, those of you who are into more extreme genres of Metal will probably not be interested in acquainting themselves with this stuff, though, it is worth at least a try in your stereo just to see how a band can create an entertaining compilation of songs without going tacky or over-the-top. As for the fans of such kind of playing – do not even hesitate to spend your time listening to this Spanish band.


I have now become very interested in checking out their previous work, which was a full-length, and of course I am looking forward to the full successor of the somewhat short “Dark Chamber Litanies”. This EP is so far one of the most (if not the most) enjoyable musical works I have heard in 2009.

(Online July 12, 2009)

Sebastian Jazdzewski

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