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Scarve - Luminiferous (9/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: WWIII
Playing time: 44:19
Band homepage: Scarve


  1. Emulate The Soul
  2. Alteration
  3. Crustscraper
  4. Capsized
  5. The Resonating Cycle
  6. The Path To Apoptosis
  7. Futile Resilient
  8. Serpent Speech
  9. Infertile Ways
  10. The Day After
  11. Blackloader
Scarve - Luminiferous
One word describes this disc: PSYCHO! This release is just out of control. When the first note kicks in, it's just seems like your average Death Metal with the usual screams until the choruses kick in which is very Devin Townsend like. You can tell that the main man is inspired by Devin's quirkiness.

The songs here are rapid quick and vicious. "Emulate The Soul" is just packed with road rage and swirling dual guitars with an electronic atmosphere which makes for a unique sound indeed. Things are really spiced up on "Alternation" with the combination of vocal harmonies, clean singing, clean rhythm breaks and some technical as hell and rapid fire quick drumming that goes along with the dirty vocals. The stakes just keep getting raised with each track presented here. The details here are very fine with their tight musicianship along with their capability of being technical and straightforward at the same time and keeping the pace of mayhem fluent at all times.

France isn't known for much in the underground Metal scene, but there is good reason to start now. These young upstarts are able to take their influences and fuse it with their originality without sounding like their idols beat for beat. Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to experience. This is a true voyage into SCARVE hell!!! (Online December 7, 2002)

Joe Florez

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