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Helstar - Remnants Of War (10/10) - USA - 1986/1999

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 36:48
Band homepage: Helstar


  1. Unidas Por Tristeza
  2. Remnants Of War
  3. Conquest
  4. Evil Reign
  5. Destroyer
  6. Suicidal Nightmare
  7. Dark Queen
  8. Face The Wicked One
  9. Angel Of Death
Helstar - Remnants Of War
The second album of the Texican Power Gods HELSTAR is an album I don't want to miss. Compared with their debut "Burning Star", they had a bit more heavyness. But they had also more complexity! What is following after the "synthesizer"-intro "Unidas Por Tristeza" is just divine.

I know, there are much Power Metal freaks, who can't cope just with HELSTAR (hello Hawk, hello Mister Melzer...) because they are allegedly too bulky and too hectical. Oh Lord, forgive them, they don't know what they do! All jokes aside, yes - HELSTAR have a progressive touch and like to use many tempo changes and also much breaks. But I can't understand their problems, the flow of the songs is given.

For me, listen to HELSTAR is as relaxing as a Melodic fan listens to BON JOVI. Who has complaints about cult songs like "Angel Of Death", "Face The Wicked One" or especially the century song "Dark Queen"? Those songs are religion to me. Of course, the other tracks are also exemplary US-Metal, which should also thrill fans of ONWARD, SPIRIT WEB, NEW EDEN, ZANDELLE or SHADOW KEEP!

The fact that there is a cheap re-release to buy for some 10 Euros should encourage you to buy it. At least, one time to listen to it, is obligatory? Then you can decide by your own if you like it or not! Who can't cope with 80s Metal in general should forget everything written! (Online December 11, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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