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Root - The Temple Of The Underworld (9,5/10) - Czech Republic - 1992

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Monitor
Playing time: 50:56
Band homepage: Root


  1. Intro
  2. Casilda's Song
  3. The Temple In The Underworld
  4. Aposiopesis
  5. The Solitude
  6. Voices From...The Wall
  7. The Old Ones
  8. Message
  9. My Name...
  10. My Deep Mystery
  11. Freebee
Root - The Temple Of The Underworld
This record is powerful, very powerful. It contains dark Doom Metal with occult lyrics, which are made again by the sick brain of Big Boss. I consider that positively because his lyrics are just interesting and with them, other Blackies seems like childish.

The same is considered for the own-style vocals of him. One time he sings a dark heroic tenor, then he sings whispering or viciously rough. The different moods of the songs demand warm, twitched passages on the album alike fast passages! The exceedingly epic songs can fascinate with their charming, maleficent mood, which waves above all ROOT albums like the personified mischief! The creativity of the Czech is truly incomprehensive and when you think about the fact, that there are 6 albums of them to discover, then you have enough to do! Like me, since I got one record of ROOT I couldn't get away from their fascination. Midwhile I have bought all records of this extraordinary band and there was not only one bad album to find. The best thing on it, all records sound different.

Whereby, "The Temple In The Underworld" is the most Metal-like effort. The tight riffs and the merciless production are exemplary. The songs itself are complex in details but though catchy. Open-minded fans of SOLITUDE AETERNUS or CANDLEMASS should listen to this epic masterpiece, you will love it! Unfortunately it's not easy to find but the Perverted Taste mailorder has some copies to sell. Also without a exotic bonus, ROOT will thrill those who honour passionate arts. (Online December 11, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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