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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DAEMONICUS - Host Of Rotting Flesh

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Daemonicus - Host Of Rotting Flesh (4/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Vicisolum Productions
Playing time: 44:53
Band homepage: Daemonicus


  1. Baptism Of The Dead 
  2. Funeral For The Living
  3. Carnage 
  4. Unrest In Peace 
  5. Dechristianization
  6. Rituals
  7. Welcome The Dead 
  8. To Feed Upon Flesh
  9. Swarm Of Death  
  10. Breeding In Decay 
Daemonicus - Host Of Rotting Flesh

Of Daemon’s Seed and Insipidity

Sweden has since long played a leading role in the development and influencing of nowadays Death Metal. Therefore, every time I receive a promo from a Swedish Death Metal act, high expectations begin roaming my mind.

Unfortunately, the same unholy seed that spawned the likes of ENTOMBED or AT THE GATES doesn’t flourish in Sörmjöle, the hometown of this fiendish pentad. DAEMONICUS’ unimaginatively titled debut album “Host Of Rotting Flesh” leaves a lot to be desired. They’re definitely not reinventing the wheel and are a bit too influenced by their heroes DISMEMBER and NOMINON for their own good. I wouldn’t call them an exact copy but originality is nowhere to be found on the album. Hell, even their logo looks a tad too much like DISMEMBER’s...

Blissful Mediocrity

I don’t know what to dislike more, the hackneyed song titles or the dreadfully uninspired music. Just take a look at “Funeral For The Living”, “Welcome The Dead” or “Breeding In Decay”. Even SIX FEET UNDER had titles with more finesse.  

“Host Of Rotting Flesh” is easily digestible, but introduces nothing new or exciting. The guitar play is simple and decent at best. The drummer as well as the vocalist mostly dwell in blissful mediocrity. The singer sounds a lightweight version of SUFFOCATION’s Frank Mullen. And that, my friends, is the band’s biggest problem: they’re too insubstantial, lacking any form of identity.

But it has to be said, not everything is total mediocrity. Some interesting moments caught me off guard during “Rituals” and “Welcome The Dead”. The former track surprised because of its weeping violin intro (pretty uncommon in this form of Death Metal) while the latter song had enough groove to keep my head in a circular direction for at least half a minute.

Host Of Failing Flesh

These guys sure as hell got their Death Metal heart in the right place but I don’t have the stomach to bear this for more than 10 minutes. I’d rather listen to the 100th tribute version of “Billy Jean” or “Beat It” on the radio than to give this cd another spin.

There are countless better old school Swedish Death Metal bands wandering the planet such as FACEBREAKER or SÉANCE hoping to grasp your attention. So, as long as these Swedes don’t get their act together, I wouldn’t bother getting “Host Of Rotting Flesh” because it would simply be a waste of your precious time.

(Online July 24, 2009)

Jorryd Andries

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