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Various Artists - Cop Off Vol. II (8/10) - V/A - 2009

Genre: Various
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 3:05:42
Band homepage: -


CD 1

  1. Truth Or Dare (I-Def-I)
  2. Accepting Denial (Vert)
  3. Abyss (Wako)
  4. The Great Paperboy Strike Of 1978 (Isor)
  5. Ashes Of Redemption (Sanctorum)
  6. A Passage In The Sky (Grenouer)
  7. Bacterial Breakdown (Desecration)
  8. Sly Profile On A Pound Shop (This Illusion)
  9. Colours Of War (Quarterblind)
  10. Spellbound (Zenithal)
  11. Justified (Op. 3) (12 Ton Method)
  12. Hallowed Plagues (Incarna)
  13. The Beckoning (Incassum)
  14. In Pain (Sekhmet)
  15. Blackened Weave (The Drowning)
  16. Righteous Murderer (Arkenstone)
  17. Judas Iscariot (End Of Everything)

CD 2

  1. 0707 (Forever Never)
  2. Barely Breathing (Barely Breathing)
  3. Remember (New Mecanica)
  4. The Aftermath (Solitary)
  5. The Blind Eye (Millenia)
  6. He Who Hates All (Lipid)
  7. Ultimatum (Orghia)
  8. Regressus Dei (Rexor)
  9. Deceiver Of The Damned (Hellfire)
  10. Suffer In Silence (Guilt Trip)
  11. Communion (Shield Of Steel)
  12. Back From Hell (Helgrind)
  13. Chosen (Sevenyearsdead)
  14. How To Use Guns (This Dying Hour)
  15. Quail Boy (Enemo-J)
  16. Continue To Fight (Stranger Corner)
  17. Progression Of a Homicidal Mind (Obizidian)
  18. Magnetism (Art In Exile)

CD 3

  1. Something In Spanish (Tempercalm)
  2. Lo-Fi Real (Carmen)
  3. Supernothing (Planet Of Zeus)
  4. Tiananmen Square Dance (Isor)
  5. Forgiven (Distance To Fault)
  6. Bleak To Broken Dreams (Down Within)
  7. Council Kid (The Bullet Kings)
  8. John G. (Atomic Ants)
  9. Clown Man (Caffeine Kill)
  10. Twist (Rue The Day)
  11. Pure (Mab)
  12. Division (Sandstone)
  13. Working The Magic (Disarm Goliath)
  14. Golden Summer (JMC)
  15. I Find Myself (Hand)
  16. Crawl Down Bitten (Beyond Perception)
  17. Sick (Colt .44)
  18. I Hate You (Soul Destroyer)
Various Artists - Cop Off Vol. II

Every now and then a band comes along and reminds you that bands can still be incredibly original and sound nothing like anything youíve ever hard before. My experience with this compilation was a little bit like that. It showed that there are bands, entire labels in fact, with bands Iíve never heard of, many with real raw talent and a hunger to prove something.


It would be impossible and pointless to attempt to put three discs worth of material under one banner, but I can give you a bit of an idea, as smaller metal labels do typically try to stay with some sort of style in mind. First of all, there is a definite sense of melody on this album. Nothing extravagant like Power Metal, but many of the heaviest bands still employ clean vocals or have a definite melodic structure in mind. Secondly, there is a real strong, usually detuned, heavy base to this compilation. By that, I mean many of the bands on here arenít afraid to bust out the heavy rhythms when necessary.


Overall, itís a pretty refreshing listen. Lots of things get thrown at you in a short period of time, with the band and style changing every song, but its intriguing and interesting to see what the bands have in common, or donít at all. Iíve always been a fan of contrasting styles within an album or song, loud versus soft, brutal versus melodic, and the majority of these bands are really trying to fuse serious heaviness, typically more simple rhythmically, with a true melodic sense throughout the song, in whichever instrument. Regardless of the different types of styles available here, this compilation has a ton of unheard underground bands that really bring a lot to the table, and everyone should have no problem finding at least a few new bands to check out in the future.

(Online July 26, 2009)

Brodie Widdifield

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