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Destruktor - Nailed (8,5/10) - Australia - 2009

Genre: Black Metal / Dark Metal
Label: Hell's Headbangers
Playing time: 45:14
Band homepage: Destruktor


  1. Embrace The Fire
  2. The Epitome
  3. Inspiration Suicide
  4. Violence Unseen
  5. Nailed
  6. Forward We March
  7. Meccademon
  8. Endless Reign Of Terror
  9. After Death Murmurs
  10. Spawning The Immortal
Destruktor - Nailed

Jesus fucking Christ! But seriously, have you ever heard the one about that guy who died for all our sins, so that our invisible souls will rise up into the sky, to exist in eternal peace, without sin, murder, pain, animals or rocks? It's a very nice bedtime story you should check out. That and "Les Stroumpfs". Very good material.

Now what does that have to do with the music found on this little CD? DESTRUKTOR, an Australian extreme Heavy Metal band have about everything to do with themes both Jesus Christ and Papa Smurf would hate. Blasphemy, fire and eternal hate. These are the themes most bands of this genre talk about. Themes that are about all the things your everyday locker jock would normally would not like to hear, them either being unpleasant or "bad" as defined by their strict virtuous moral codex. This CD is all about the negativity created by modernism; a simple, yet effective formula that reminds of the times when heavy metal actually meant something, when it wasn't popularized by the whole advertising crap that you got today, with band members presenting themselves as popstars with makeup and brand clothing. DESTRUKTOR deliver balls out, direct and authentic oldschool Black Metal, with a minimalistic, yet awe-inspiring killer attitude. There are also various Death Metal influences identifiable, such as the deep guttural vocals or the thudding guitar tone. Actually it's a kind of those hybrid attempts in mixing Death Metal with Black Metal, but with an extraordinary result, as most newer bands of the 21st century all have their bland and crystal clear production, with the 10000 layers of the various instruments, then a little shitting here and there and voila, there you have your new mechanic, unorganic and lifeless "Modern" Metal. There are many examples for that kind of stuff, which is material for other reviews. DESTRUKTOR are far from that, which is surprisingly good.

This CD is pure blasphemy in it's purest form. It's nice to see that the Metal scene isn't a dried out corpse just yet, and that there still are bands who play in the vein of the old masters, such as CELTIC FROST, BATHORY or POSSESSED. This CD has a lot of moments where the aforementioned bands make a sort of background appearance. Let's call this a good and respectful homage, as DESTRUKTOR have their own individual note, so I'm not saying they are copycats. Their music ranges from very minimalistic to average technical wanking, which is by all means not bland, nor boring or negative in any way. The point is, that they are no MORBID ANGEL or DEATH, but manage to carry out their ideas quite well. There are riffs who repeat themselves endlessly, hitting the same tone scale over and over again, boring you into oblivion, but you won't find that uninspired crap here. Overall it's a above average,.. no, let's say good CD with a nice comfortable tune and great vocals. I give it a plus and my personal seal of approval.

(Online July 28, 2009)

Aris Stefanov

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