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Meridian - The Seventh Sun (8,5/10) - Switzerland - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 47:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Fortune
  2. Immortal Ancestry
  3. Deep Waters
  4. Abraham Timecode
  5. Dream To The Sun
  6. A Time For War
  7. The Last Deception
  8. Sol Septem Meridian
  9. Absolute Research
Meridian - The Seventh Sun
In 2001, French Metal magazine Metallian held their annual Demo contest to pick out the most promising demo song. The Swiss gathering of MERIDIAN won this contest with their song "Draconian Flow", which also won them a contract with record label Season Of Mist, on which their debut album "The Seventh Sun" has recently been released.

This band, with Jack D Ripper (MORGUL) on vocals, finds a good home on this label, as the musical direction of MERIDIAN is quite comparable to the latest MAYHEM album, "Grand Declaration Of War". Although MERIDIAN plays their Black Metal with a bit more electronics (courtesy of keyboard player Arwan), the fast double bass spurts as well as the type of riffs in the music are along the same line as the most recent chapter of this legendary Norwegian act.

If I would have to mention an album that sounds really similar I'd say that the new SETH disc, "Divine X" comes as close as it can be. "The Seventh Sun" was recorded and produced by famous producer Terje Refnes, providing the good production a Post Black Metal album should have: what's the use of all these electronics when you can't even hear them properly? Also I must give a hats off to the artwork of the album, displaying a very modern type of cover, that represents both the darkness and modern approach of the music.

Resulting from this all are 9 tracks of captivating, furious yet dynamic Black Metal. Although I'm not always a huge fan of samples, MERIDIAN does find a way to incorporate them into the music without making it a disturbing factor, in fact, it's adds a whole new and interesting dimension to their sound. Overall the tracks on this record are equally strong, although closer "Absolute Research" is a personal favourite!

Everyone that checked out the new SETH and/or MAYHEM album and enjoyed it must give "The Seventh Sun" as chance as well. When you're not familiar with those disc, fans of Post Black Metal can welcome a great newcomer in the genre in the shape of MERIDIAN. One of the fresher discs of the already fantastic Metal year! (Online December 13, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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