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Blood Red Throne - Affiliated With The Suffering (8,5/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 39:03
Band homepage: Blood Red Throne


  1. Unleashing Hell
  2. A Dream Of Death
  3. Bleeders Lament
  4. Mandatory Homicide / Death Inc.
  5. Razor Jack
  6. Chaos Rising!
  7. Gather The Dead
  8. Affiliated With The Suffering
  9. Malediction
  10. Mercy Killings
  11. Deadly Intentions
Blood Red Throne - Affiliated With The Suffering
After a first album of quite good quality, "Monument Of Death", and a mini CD that was not so necessary, "A Taste For Blood", the Norwegian guys from BLOOD RED THRONE are already back with "Affiliated With The Suffering". For those who wouldn't remember, BLOOD RED THRONE is the Death Metal band founded by Tchort (GREEN CARNATION, and ex-EMPEROR and SATYRICON) and Dod (also ex-SATYRICON). Nice people then, for a fucking catchy album, simply!

At their beginnings, BLOOD RED THRONE was some kind of good copy of DEICIDE. Now, you can still find some touches of DEICIDE in their music, but also some MORBID ANGEL, some CANNIBAL CORPSE, or even some OBITUARY! Yeah, without changing radically, BLOOD RED THRONE have found that 'plus' touch that will strike you, and have become at the same time more technical, more groovy, more everything.

Two very important elements are the quality of the sound (huge!) and of the voice of Mr Hustler. That gives an album that's by itself a sort of best-of of Death Metal, and that will kill you! So I'm going to say the opposite of what I usually say: zero originality, but fuck it's good! This year's highlight of Death Metal, together with the BEHEMOTH album! (Online December 13, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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