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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - AUGURY - Fragmentary Evidence

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Augury - Fragmentary Evidence (9,5/10) - Canada - 2009

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 55:00
Band homepage: -


  1. Aetheral
  2. Simian Cattle
  3. Orphans Of Living
  4. Jupiter To Ignite
  5. Sovereigns Unknown
  6. Skyless
  7. Faith Puppeteers
  8. Brimstone Landscapes
  9. Oversee The Rebirth
Augury - Fragmentary Evidence

Holy vomit, where the hell did this come from? Could it be that the 21st century isn't entirely bland and uninspiring, concerning Death Metal at least? When you read about Progressive Death Metal the first thing that comes to mind is always DEATH. If you have any Metal culture, of course. But DEATH is dead, as the name suggests, and with DEATH dead, Progressive Death Metal lost one of it's greatest masters. So why the whole history, mentor thing? Because there is still room for fresh air in the 21st century. For the "new" Death Metal always seems to end in "progressive" and "technical" wanking or "br00tal" Deathcore. And that is incredibly lame, but also sad, on the other hand.

AUGURY, a Canadian Progressive Death Metal act (and they've surely earned that description), are a big mean machine raining hell upon and pissing on everything that is uninspired, boring and bland. As a modern 21st century band, they stand before a great task. How to produce and create something new, something with substance, something out of the ordinary lame cheese that so many bands, that are thick on the ground excrete, without having any at all feeling or creativity? The answer lies in exploring new ground, with a little reason and striving. Celestial themes, now that's something. That is majestic and epic, that is something new. AUGURY manage to produce this quite well. In creating an album that is both impressive and imposing, they have managed to immortalize themselves within my collection indefinitely.

The music presented on this fine silver platter is amazing. Every single note appears to belong to the great whole, to the consistency of this album. Its production is crystal clear, but not in a one-million-layer oversteering sort of way, but in a subtle, at times gentle, at other times ruthless manner. Additionally, they do not mimic any other band, since they have their own sound, their own song progression and simply their own charisma and aura. The soli are finally a breath of fresh air in the scene and this time, not guessable, with amazing rhythmic progression and harmony, naturally executed with good musicianship.

Overall, the album is a curious, playful peak at the stars, a journey into the unknown, a metaphysical attempt to capture many different abstract feelings. I sure wish more bands would be as interesting as AUGURY, but then again, there is enough good music material out there to listen to anyway. Nevertheless, this is what the modern Death Metal scene should of have evolved into, instead, alas most of Metal has degenerated into regression of what once stood tall and majestic. Let's enjoy the fact that there still are artists out there who know how to preserve the true spirit of the energy and expressive force that is Metal and, of course, which means to much more than just the simple music we receive through our ears.

Highly recommended for any person willing to explore and widen their horizons.

(Online August 5, 2009)

Aris Stefanov

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