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Dark Sanctuary - L'Être Las-L'Envers Du Miroir (7/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Atmospheric
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 73:07
Band homepage: Dark Sanctuary


  1. L'Arrogance
  2. L'Envers Du Miroir
  3. Malveillance
  4. Les Larmes Du Méprisé
  5. Profondeur De L'Ame
  6. Assombrissement De L'Ame
  7. Silence Macabre
  8. La Mort Avant Le Déshonneur
  9. De Larmes Et De Sang
  10. Vie Ephémère
  11. Face A Une Mort Rassasiée
  12. Loin Des Mortels
  13. La Rencontre Fatale
  14. Tout Ce Sang Versé…
Dark Sanctuary - L'Être Las-L'Envers Du Miroir
The mini CD "Vie Ephémère", released a few months ago, had shown us the colour, and shown that we could expect a very high quality album from DARK SANCTUARY. Now that "L'Etre Las - L'Envers Du Miroir" is out, what about it? Are the hopes confirmed or will you be disappointed?

Well, hopes are mostly confirmed, but not 100% either. Of course, it's still very classy, and this album will enable you to escape from your usual musical carcan (or less poetically said, it will clean your ears), with its melodies, both instrumental and vocal. It's really soft and relaxing, and you will be able to openly listen to DARK SANCTUARY anywhere, while it's not the same with DARKTHRONE.

That said, "Vie Ephémère" being (for me) the best track of the album, the rest of it is of course just a bit under. But that shows that the single has been well chosen. And also, there are some passages that are too long, and the 'sad intellectual' aspect of the lyrics, typical in this style, might discourage some of you.

But that said, despite these two critics, DARK SANCTUARY is anyway a very good band, that would deserve some attention. (Online December 16, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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