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Tygers Of Pan Tang - The Cage (7/10) - Great Britain - 1982/2006

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Metal Nations Records
Playing time: 51:47
Band homepage: -


  1. Rendezvous
  2. Lonely At The Top
  3. Letter From L.A.
  4. Paris By Air
  5. Tides
  6. Making Tracks
  7. The Cage
  8. Love Potion Number 9
  9. You Always See What You Want To See
  10. Danger In Paradise
  11. The Actor
  12. Life Of Crime (Bonus)
  13. Love’s A Lie (Bonus)
  14. What You Sayin’ (Bonus)
  15. Making Tracks (Extended Remix)
Tygers Of Pan Tang - The Cage

With their fourth album “The Cage” TYGERS OF PAN TANG really wanted to go at it and find the really big success they deserved. And the guys were able to experience quickly how to not do it, because the band turned around the ship and sailed straight into very commercial waters, leaving their fans in the dust. With bands such as DEF LEPPARD this worked out extremely well later on, but the TYGERS had shovelled their own grave. And not without reason.


Because the old sound, pounding Heavy Rock hymns, was almost completely gone, instead they were following down the path of bands such as MAGNUM or FOREIGNER. They surely lost their old fans, but after all these years I have to admit that the album has its moments. Songs such as “Rendezvous“, “Lonely At The Top“, “Paris By Air“ or the relatively hard rocking “Danger In Paradise” work on any self-made Pop Rock sampler. But with a total dud such as “Tides” or “The Actor” with its ridiculous chorus doesn’t save any sinking ship.


“The Cage“ is one of those albums that you can play to friends or colleagues that keep on bugging you over your musical taste. Or when you have a new girlfriend that doesn’t like Heavy Metal. With this album you might be able to bring fools that would never realize the genius of bands such as IRON MAIDEN closer to our beloved sound.

(Online January 27, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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