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Wrathchild U.K. - The Biz Suxx (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1988

Genre: Glam Rock
Label: FM-Revolver
Playing time: 38:44
Band homepage: -


  1. The Biz Suxx
  2. Millionaire
  3. Hooked
  4. (Na Na) Nukklear Rokket
  5. Wild Wild Honey
  6. Ring My Bell
  7. Hooligunz
  8. Shesz No Angel
  9. O.K. U.K.
  10. Noo Sensation
  11. Stikky Fingerz
Wrathchild U.K. - The Biz Suxx

In the eighties America and especially California were reigned by poseur bands such as RATT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, POISON etc, which caused them a lot of ridicule in Europe. But even over here there’ve been a handful of freaks that indulged in fag Rock. Sure, that style came from Europe, or rather England, in the Seventies and besides TIGERTAILZ the Brits had another flagship of the style in WRATHCHILD.


Draped in tulle and trumpery the styled up guys played straight from the hip and I found them on a sampler that, next to songs of SAXON, Lita Ford and EXODUS, also contained the almost poppy, super simple “(Na Na) Nukklear Rocket“ that caught my attention and ten years later I got myself the first two albums of the band via eBay. And at least “The Biz Suxx” still finds its way into my player these days, it’s just perfect fun music. Heavy Rock with small Punk influences, no frills, but nice melodies that stick to your memory like glue and generally songs that still sound wild and fresh after twenty years – just as if the album was just released yesterday.


In the Eighties you would have been stoned for admitting to liking bands like this, but by now, where even die hard Thrashers and Black Metallers stand by bands such as MÖTLEY CRÜE and co., you can show your flag. The Brits, which had to add a U.K. to their name to prevent legal problems with the American WRATHCHILD, were really over the top with their glam and glimmer, but the songs still are convincing. Next to the super cool “(Na Na) Nukklear Rocket“ I would also recommend the equally great party songs "Ring My Bell", "She'z No Angel", "Noo Sensation" and "Stikky Fingerz".

(Online January 26, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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