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Infernal - Summon Forth The Beast (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 15:35
Band homepage: Infernal


  1. Branded By Hellfire
  2. Infernal Holocaust
  3. Bleed For The Devil (MORBID ANGEL cover)
  4. Devil Pig (VON cover)
  5. Of Doom (BATHORY cover)
Infernal - Summon Forth The Beast
INFERNAL is the Black Metal band that Blackmoon founded after he left DARK FUNERAL, and with which he released, unless I make a mistake, an album on his own label, Hellspawn. So I was quite surprised to see that cool mini CD arrive without warning, all the more that it's released through Hammerheart Records that time.

Anyway, Blackmoon got the help of his companions Typhos and Alzazmon, who are also ex-members of DARK FUNERAL, but who had never played in it together on an album with Blackmoon. All that to say that if you're just a bit clever, you will have guessed that the five tracks played here are in the vein of DARK FUNERAL, era "Secrets Of The Black Arts" unless that there are no less than three covers here: one of MORBID ANGEL's "Bleed For The Devil", one of VON's "Devil Pig", and one of BATHORY's "Of Doom".

It smells here like self-production (unknown studio and it's Alzazmon who was behind the mixing table), but the sound is pretty good, and you'll feel like the drum-kit is in your home! So even if that's far from being an original MCD, it won't do you any harm to include "Summon Forth The Beast" in your collection. (Online December 16, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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