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Ventflow - Terrorsiah (9/10) - Great Britain - 2009

Genre: Groove Thrash
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 43:45
Band homepage: Ventflow


  1. I Piss On Your Grave
  2. Terrorsiah
  3. These Times Of Darkness
  4. Day Of The Locust
  5. Cast Down The Swine
  6. 12 Gauge Diplomacy
  7. A New Age Of Violence
  8. The Scars Remain The Same
  9. A.D.M.
  10. In The Arms Of Death
Ventflow - Terrorsiah

When a band comes along and changes how Metal is heard and seen, whether it’s by their antics or sound, there is bound to be other bands that will follow in their steps. I feel that way about LAMB OF GOD, who combined elements of Hardcore, Thrash, Death and a heavy influence of PANTERA to create a sound that is still disputed between Metalheads to this day. Naturally, a slew of bands began to follow suit by combining similar sounds together but rarely does a band surpass their influence. VENTFLOW is not your every day band and they take what LAMB OF GOD is doing and they do it better…on their debut.


Those might seem like fighting words in that opening paragraph, but after listening to “Terrorsiah” multiple times, I find that it feels truer with each spin. VENTFLOW combines Death and Thrash with a sense of Groove almost perfectly and does it with a dark sense of style. Like most Groove oriented bands though, don’t expect a whole lot of melody to make its appearance. Solos and leads do spring aboard when songs call for that extra layer, but the majority of this album is dedicated to the riff, rhythm, and swing and for VENTFLOW it works nicely. The bass is nice and heavy in the mix along with the fairly simplistic drum work, but again it’s all for the benefit of that rhythm. I will mention that when the band does use the leads and solos they are very reminiscent of Dimebag’s work (surprise surprise) but it’s a nice sound that really brings out their influences. Just check out the melancholic and drab atmosphere of “The Scars Remain The Same” and the comparisons to PANTERA that can be made. Very similar approaches from their use of vocals, guitars, and rhythms.


Needless to say, if you have been missing PANTERA or are looking for a band that can one up LAMB OF GOD, then your search ends here. VENTFLOW are the ones to check out and their debut “Terrorsiah” is going to satisfy your Groove Metal need in a flash. It was a surprise to my ears and hopefully the band only moves forward from here.


Songs to check out: “Day Of The Locust”, “A New Age Of Violence”, “A.D.M.”

(Online August 23, 2009)

Matt Reifschneider

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