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Devil's Blood, The - The Time Of No Time Evermore (9,5/10) - Netherlands - 2009

Genre: Seventies Rock
Label: Ván Records
Playing time: 55:00
Band homepage: Devil's Blood, The


The Time of No Time
I'll Be Your Ghost
The Yonder Beckons
House Of 10.000 Voices
Christ Or Cocaine
Queen Of My Burning Heart
Angel's Prayer
Feeding The Fire With Tears And Blood
Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament
The Anti-Kosmik Magick

So here it finally is – the first full album of Occult Rockers THE DEVIL’S BLOOD. Of course the expectations were high, since the EP “Come, Reap” had garnered insane reviews everywhere and the band was the newcomer of 2008 for many. So the question comes up: How do the Dutchmen fare on a full long player? The answer: surprisingly good!


The album basically has everything that the fan expects:  Adjuratory, gripping and inspiring music, far away from any sort of predictability! Creative without end and with tons of atmosphere! After a short intro “Evermore” unfolds and sucks the listener in. A super track that you could almost call magical. Wow, good start. Unfortunately the following track “I'll Be Your Ghost“ doesn’t even come close, the attempt to sound a little more commercial is not bad, but even though the song is not bad, it definitely is not one of the album’s highlights. Quite the contrary, they could easily have left it off. But “The Yonder Beckons“ more than makes up for this, another very magical and classy track that shows THE DEVIL’S BLOOD in top form in both structure and melodies. And then with “House Of 10000 Voices“ follows an absolute and hard-to-describe killer song. Here THE MOUTH OF SATAN outdoes himself, a psychedelic trip with tribal-like drums, a dreamy guitar and truly out-of-this-world vocals, for me the highlight of the album! Hats off!


The older fans of the band should already know “Christ Or Cocaine“ from the demos, which had been suffering from a horrible production. This album version is divine and could best be described as Seventies Hard Rock, but thanks to the extravagant vocals with a special aura. “Queen Of My Burning Heart“ is another song that is not from this world. Hard to describe, since it is completely unique. Holy crap, if they continue like this, may Heaven strike me down. “Angel’s Prayer” has nice dual leads, which are a trademark of the band anyways, and reminds me of old THIN LIZZY/IRON MAIDEN. The song is top notch and there is nothing to complain about. On “Feeding The Fire With Tears And Blood” the vocals are slightly distorted and sounds like it’s coming from some different spheres. The guitars have this indie touch and the song is just great. Slowly this is getting boring with me praising the hell out of these songs, but I have to be honest, I do not really like the following track “Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament“. Compared to the rest of the album it is just too bland and nothing special. But closing “The Anti-Kosmik Magick”, which is a very extensive composition, is another divine track. Just listen to these almost perverse solos – madness! Also already known from the demos, I am thrilled to hear this one with a good production.


Phew, what a great album. Basically it is everything that you could expect after the EP. THE DEVIL’S BLOOD are damn talented, exceptional musicians that are brimming with creativity and the two a little weaker tracks don’t tarnish the shine. “The Time Of No Time Evermore“ is one of those few albums that gives you goosebumps, something really rare these days. If this is Metal or not, doesn’t matter, such beautiful, moving music does not need categorisations.

(Online October 19, 2010)

Ralf Henn

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