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Provenance, The - Still At Arms Length (8/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 50:07
Band homepage: Provenance, The


  1. Climbing Ideals
  2. Tearful, Bitter, Broken
  3. Carousel Of Descent
  4. The Ardberg Experience
  5. Mimic
  6. At Random Choose
  7. World Of Hurt
  8. At Arms Length
Provenance, The - Still At Arms Length

The music is technical, dynamic Hard Rock/Metal, kind of dark, both hard and soft, sometimes with flute. They have some hammond organ and both male and female vocals. Musicianship wise they have great female vocals, a great drummer and great musicians. Only the male vocalist, I think that he is a bit average, he also has some below average Death Metal grunts, which do not really fit in, I think.

The songs are great with great melodies and a good production. This would have gotten an even better score, if only the female vocalist sang. If you have two vocalist, then it does not work, if one is great and the other one just average, the Death Metal vocals just don't fit. But still this is a very good album, I would still buy it. So next time, just hand the microphone only over to her. Not that he sucks, but he just does not have the same class. (Online May 24, 2003)

Guest Reviewer Messiah Marcolin

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