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24 tablatures for Gorerotted

Gorerotted - Mutilated In Minutes (9/10) - Great Britain - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Dead Again / Relapse
Playing time: 26:06
Band homepage: Gorerotted


  1. Hacksore
  2. Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em
  3. Stab Me Till I Cum
  4. Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten
  5. Corpse Fucking Art
  6. Puts Your Bits In A Concrete Mix
  7. Mutilated In Minutes, Severed In Seconds
  8. Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged
  9. Severed, Sawn And Sold As Porn
Gorerotted - Mutilated In Minutes
Both the album title and band name leave little room for doubt about the musical direction of English GOREROTTED! Their 2001 album "Mutilated In Minutes" now sees a re-release through Relapse Records in 2002.

"My God, they're using tools!" opens the mutilation fest of this latest GOREROTTED album, which is also their first full-length production. And like a kick in the nuts "Mutilated In Minutes" berserks from your speakers, leaving only a trail of confusion and tremendous pain. The dual vocal violence of Mr Gore (screams) and Goreskin aka Babyslice (grunts) rips right through your body and soul, while the axes and drums shred through 9 tracks of ultimate devastation!

Sharp production, and all clad in a gore-filled package, this album has everything to be a classic Grindcore album… and it is! "Hacksore", "Stab Me Till I Cum", "Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten", "Put Your Bits In A Concrete Mix", "Mutilated In Minutes, Severed In Seconds", "Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged"… one by one these tracks show you why the UK has a great reputation in the Grindcore scene! "Mutilated In Minutes" is one of the best pieces of Grinding Metal, so intense that you can almost feel the blood splattering on your body!

Who ever thought that the Grindcore scene is dead will have to reconsider after hearing the recent gorefests of SEVERE TORTURE, CANNIBAL CORPSE and now also GOREROTTED. Prepare to be mutilated! (Online December 17, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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