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Thy Disease - Cold Skin Obsession (9,5/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 45:25
Band homepage: Thy Disease


  1. Perfect Form
  2. Blade Intimacy
  3. War Is Mine
  4. Ultimate Reign
  5. The Last Of The Mohicans (cover of original soundtrack theme)
  6. Cold
  7. Redemption In… Pain
  8. Nihilistic Tranquillity
  9. Qualbuhu La Jadruqqu
  10. Without Judgement (DEATH cover)
Thy Disease - Cold Skin Obsession
THY DISEASE strikes again! After the fantastic debut "Develish Act Of Creation" less than a year ago, the Polish band already returns with another demonic possession: "Cold Skin Obsession".

According to the band, who saw drummer Pinocchio depart the band and being replaced by Alizee666, this new album would be heavier than the debut. And believe me, it is heavier! The guitar work by Yanuary (ex-SCEPTIC) and Pepek is a step forward compared to the debut, being slightly more technical and with fantastic chord arrangements. On top of the heavier work, THY DISEASE have chosen for a more electronic approach in their keyboard sound as well as a limited use of samples. Especially in breaks with just keyboards (and sometimes drums) this has a hypnotising effect, but it also makes the whole atmosphere on the album much colder and darker than "Develish Act Of Creation". Newbie Alizee666 impresses with his great drum work, although the double bass is maybe a bit on the loud side in the production. Again high quality artwork has been selected, transmitting the chilling aura that also surrounds the musical content. Right from opener "Perfect Form" THY DISEASE casts an evil spell that possesses you for the duration of the entire record. None of the 8 new tracks and 2 covers are below the high level of their debut album, in fact, they are all a step above it!

Off the 2 covers found on "Cold Skin Obsession", the most remarkable is the fantastic THY DISEASE conversion of the "The Last Of The Mohicans" original soundtrack. Additionally, as has been popular the last year, a DEATH cover is present as well, "Without Judgement" to be exact. And while this song is played with much skill and respect, THY DISEASE gives it their own touch. The albums also comes with a video for "Perfect Form", which was shot in a mountain range or the hills (although it looks more like a desert I can't imagine there are deserts in Poland… or are there?), and the video looks quite professional!

In case people hadn't found out about the spectacular band called THY DISEASE after "Develish Act Of Creation", there really is no way to miss them this time. "Cold Skin Obsession" is better than the predecessor in every way possible! I won't give it a perfect score just yet, cause I think they can still get better! What an amazing band this is! JOIN THE OBSESSION! (Online December 17, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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