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Orphaned Land - Sahara (8,5/10) - Israel - 1994

Genre: Oriental Death Metal
Label: Holy
Playing time: 58:12
Band homepage: Orphaned Land


  1. The Sahara's Storm
  2. Blessed Be Thy Hate
  3. Ornaments Of Gold
  4. Aldior Al Mukadisa
  5. Seasons Unite
  6. The Beloved's Cry
  7. My Requiem
  8. Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside...
Orphaned Land - Sahara
When I hear all the complaints about lacking originality, then they cannot have the Israeli band ORPHANED LAND in mind, because which other band combines Death Metal with israeli/arabic folklore?

The opener "The Sahara's Storm" starts out oriental to change into a very diverse song with spoken words, Death Metal-words and manyfold musical surprises, while the following "Blessed Be Thy Hate" is just as varied, yet even more extreme with more Death Metal-influences but at the same time with even more oriental melodies, a great song, too.

With "Aldior Al Mukadisa" they even have a song on this CD that starts out Arabic and ends in Hebrew, complete with a live-coverage from a synagogue, choir-like vocals and a lonesome lead-guitar.

But there are two more highlights to find on "Sahara", the balladesque "The Beloved's Cry", which almost completely is played by clean guitar, keyboards and clean male and female vocals, and "Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside", where they have all creative guns blazing, with many tempo-changes, spoken, clean, Death Metal- and female vocals. And of course the oriental/Israeli melodies.

Who is still searching for an adventure should take on "Sahara", it is worth it!

Alexander Melzer

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