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Various Artists - Pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man! Volume III (-/10) - V/A - 2002

Genre: Rock
Label: Bad Afro Records
Playing time: 44:10
Band homepage: -


  1. I Am A Demon And I Love Rock'N'Roll (Sweatmaster)
  2. Never Coming Back (Baby Woodrose)
  3. Try Me (The Royal Beat Conspiracy)
  4. Nightrider (Vegas V.I.P.)
  5. Slippin' And Slidin' (The Chronics)
  6. Higher (On Trial)
  7. Ram It Up (Species)
  8. Nobody But Me (The Laaunderettes)
  9. Leave Me Alone (The Maggots)
  10. Come On, Hold On (The Borderlines)
  11. Kung Fu (The Mutantes)
  12. You Lose (The Burnouts)
  13. Live To See (Your Face Again) (The Defectors)
  14. Blow The Roof (The Flaming Sideburns)
  15. PMS 666 (Thee Ultra Bimboos)
Various Artists - Pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man! Volume III
Who likes bands of the BACKYARD BABIES or THE HELLACOPTERS brand and is searching for new fodder from that area, will find a good offer in this sampler from Bad Afro Records. This label is in existence for six years now and has made it its mission to help the good old Rock underground. A noble goal, which every fan of this music should support because of the party very high quality of the tracks contained.

The influences of the single bands are very varied and the colourful mixture of snotty Garage Rock, Seventies Punk Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk is really listenable. This sampler also is another proof that the four countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have an almost neverending potential of bands and almost daily bring new bands into the scene. So all you rockers out there, support the underground and get this really good compilation of already known acts and hopeful newcomers from the high north.

Who then has found the taste can right away continue with the albums by THE CHRONICS, THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS, THE ROYAL BEAT CONSPIRACY or THE BURNOUTS. (Online December 17, 2002)

Alexander Ehringer

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