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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - INDESTROY - Senseless Theories/Indestroy

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Indestroy - Senseless Theories/Indestroy (9/10) - USA - 1988/1989

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: New Renaissance Records
Playing time: 59:15
Band homepage: Indestroy


  1. Torture By Fire
  2. Living In Filth
  3. Terminal Choice
  4. Senseless Theories
  5. Sam The Butcher
  6. Instant Insanity
  7. The Gate
  8. U.S.S.A.
  9. Ground Zero
  10. Dead Girls (Don’t Say No)
  11. Fatal Sin
  12. Brain Damaged
  13. Justice Sucks
  14. Shadowlord
  15. A.I.M.L.E.S.S.
  16. Dismembered
Indestroy - Senseless Theories/Indestroy

INDESTROY are one of the most underrated Thrash bands of all time. The guys had everything that an up and coming band needed: Driving, razor-sharp riffs, original song writing, a strong singer, wildness and the urge to prove themselves and some more. Then, though, the band made a huge error: they signed their deal with New Renaissance Records! Even though the company had a good hand for talented newcomers (GARGOYLE, DEADLY BLESSING, SCREAMER, PHANTOM, AMULANCE, …), the bosses kept the money bag closed with an iron grip.


So the debut album of INDESTROY also has this extremely dull sound, God, what could this band have turned out to be, if they’d had a good record company with real promotion and a top-notch producer? Well, they didn’t have that luck, so we have to accept things as they come. The music compensates for a lot of this, though, on their self-titled debut INDESTROY sound similar to DEATH ANGEL during their “The Ultra-Violence” days and also really old MEGADETH. The many fast parts seemed even more straight-forward thanks to the use of some Hardcore elements, but they also added some slow, viscous breaks that remind me a lot of old TROUBLE. A mix that is really appealing to me. But “Hell Awaits” era SLAYER also shine through here and there, while a song such as “Brain Damaged” would have been a highlight on POSSESSED’s “The Eyes Of Horror” as well and the following “Justice Sucks” could have further embellished “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good“ by MEGADETH. If the deadly “U.S.S.A.” with its extremely catchy chorus is not a hidden gem, then I don’t know anymore and every song has incredible qualities.


SPV, who had licensed the album for Europe, thankfully added the “Senseless Theories” EP as a bonus, so the fan received a lot of value for the money. The six tracks, which also are at the beginning of the CD, are even stronger, the faster parts were faster, the progressive elements a little more complex and the slower passages even heavier than on the debut. Still my fave is the extremely fast and straight “Instant Instanity” that instantly evokes memories of old D.R.I. or DEAD BRAIN CELLS, with its psycho-like ending. The sound also has been a lot clearer and more powerful, even though a little too much treble for my taste. Unfortunately neither of the two releases brought INDESTROY any luck, so they split up soon after. Singer and guitarist Mark Strassburg came back in 1991 on a demo of POSSESSED, but that was the last chapter of this book. A real shame, because this was an extremely talented band.

(Online January 25, 2011)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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