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Horns Of Anguish - Barriers (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Atmospheric Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Kampas Records
Playing time: 56:54
Band homepage: Horns Of Anguish


  1. Beyond The Bounds Of Life
  2. Barriers
  3. Ominous
  4. Scorch
  5. Evading Capture
  6. Led Astray
  7. A New Bred Plague
Horns Of Anguish - Barriers

I don’t know how to start off this review, so….DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.


That’s what HORNS OF ANGUISH from Sweden play. It resembles a cross between KYUSS, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and CROWBAR, but interestingly there is a bit of Black Metal influence that makes itself known, through some of the guitar parts (particularly in “Ominous” and “Evading Capture”) and through the vocals, which can be screechy and have a touch of reverb to them.


Songs follow a similar pattern, trudging along, often with a bit of dissonance and clean guitar interwoven within. Chief concerns which this band could improve on are the length of songs, as some seem to drag on for two or three minutes more than they should. In addition, some of the guitar parts resemble each other too much, which can bring on the feeling of “Hey, haven’t I heard this before”, except you’re listening to the same album.


All things considered it’s not a bad effort, recommended to those who like their Doom Metal with some outside musical influences. It also isn’t particularly memorable, so one will need to have patience when listening to pick out the interesting parts.

(Online September 28, 2009)

Christopher Karlas

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