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CPX - Out Of The Storm (0/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Alternative Metal / Alternative Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 33:22
Band homepage: CPX


  1. Blackout
  2. She’s So
  3. Wake Of Desire
  4. Chains
  5. Repentance
  6. Sometime Maybe
  7. Breakups & Birthdays
  8. On My Back
  9. Highway Song
CPX - Out Of The Storm

A US Power double act that by their own volition experiments with different sound scapes (as long as their only a guitar and drum and that you play some kind of elementary Metal) thus enabling the listener to capture the raw energy and drive of this fledgling band. That it is truly and thoroughly awful will not sit well with either of CPX band members me thinks.


Influenced by the likes of BLACK SABBATH through to NINE INCH NAILS this is probably as miserable as Rock music can get.


I get the underground tag though. Music as depressing as this couldn’t possibly be recorded in daylight and unless you live under a bridge and shun the life giving properties of the sun then ‘’Out Of The Storm’’ is not for you.


For starters the rudimentary nature of this music leaves me utterly flat. The drum sound is terrible. The guitar sound is terrible. The vocals are angry; incongruent with anything you might consider Rock. There’s not one song or any part of a song that warrants attention. In fact I’ve given this far too much of my time. Never again please.

(Online October 4, 2009)

Chris Doran

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