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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NERVECELL - Preaching Venom

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Nervecell - Preaching Venom (8,5/10) - United Arab Emirates - 2008/2009

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 45:21
Band homepage: Nervecell


  1. As They Reign & Slither
  2. Vicious Circle Of Bloodshed
  3. Flesh & Memories
  4. For Every Victim Fallen
  5. Beyond Our Sins
  6. Haute Monde Facade
  7. Ratios
  8. Demean
  9. Vastlands Of Abomination
  10. Existence Ceased
Nervecell - Preaching Venom

We are so anchored in our Western society and ways, entangled in our web of social, moral and ethical values, that we fail to see what is going on in the rest of the world. Blinded by mass media garbage and losing every possible connection to reality through mass information and globalization, that we fail to look upon creativity as incentive, as the reason for everything we do to express our anthropological and cultural traits. As soon as a disequilibrium evokes new, unfound or untypical causes, we are both afraid and curious of the effects. A typical modern association with the eastern cultures would be a rich oil sheikh or dictator dominating their lands, or "terrorists" and suicide bombers blowing this and that up. This of course is typical stupid thinking and forgets one elementary aspect: the interconnectivity between humans. As untypical and surprising as is NERVECELL, hailing from the United Arab Emirates (the members actually each from different countries), a culture or region I know little to less about. Their debut album "Preaching Venom", however, sheds some light on this subject, teaching at least the basic emotive state, which one begins to discover with the listening of this LP.

NERVECELL manages to create a modern, yet surprisingly authentic form of Death/Thrash Metal, that has sadly moved into the deepest underground or vanished completely from the face of modern day Metal, as we know it. Their music is filled with aggressiveness, eager and pre-eminence, traits that have long lost their original meaning. This band however, knows how to set its course well, deliver amazing and impressive musical compositions that are ear candy for everybody who likes their modern day Metal spicy. The riffs on every song are everything but boring and the guitar tune emits a certain "raspy" feeling to the music. While the band members themselves are not in the heart of their residual domain and the album was mixed in Poland in the infamous "Hertz Studio", the impressive thing is that this mixed salad is quite awe-inspiring.

The production is not flawless, but certainly over the top, without gaining those annoying loudness war traits (well some of them at the very least). The drums could use some spicying up, but apart from that, it's very enjoyable. A solid piece of work, if one would analyse the skeletal structure, we have an acoustic introduction, going along to the classical Death/Thrash song structures, with the occasional impressive tapping/solo/tapping solo, whatever you musical needs are, this album has it all. One could also compare at times with NECROPHAGIST, although it is not nearly as technical for that matter, but still enough to turn my head. Overall a good album and a good band, worth seeing live and listening to. Give it a try.

(Online October 20, 2009)

Aris Stefanov

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