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Dusted Angel - The Thorn EP (8/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Stoner Metal
Label: Corruption Recordings
Playing time: 13:15
Band homepage: Dusted Angel


  1. The Thorn
  2. Valium 5
  3. Purple Jesus
Dusted Angel - The Thorn EP

DUSTED ANGEL really come out and grab you by the balls without a moments hesitation on “The Thorn”, and it's the sort of HIGH ON FIRE inspired Stoner Metal that really needs to. DUSTED ANGEL mean business, and they don't fuck around, which is what makes “The Thorn” such an enjoyable first outing for the band.

In all honesty, there isn't much particularly new here. The riffs are the sludgy, dirty kind of tone that you'd expect from a band like this, the production is perfectly raw and aggressive and the singer's yell is pretty much standard for the scene, but there's just something about the band that really makes them exciting. The music is played at such a impressive level of energy and with such great rhythm that you cant help but be sucked into the mood to headbang and rock along.

Tempo varies well, going from slower Doom-like sections to more typical fist-pumping speeds. In such a small packages, these contrasts show up really well, and the way they're performed is never anything short of solid. The aforementioned production too deserves a specific mention, as for a new band it is startlingly suitable and powerful for the music, with no misconceptions about what it's trying to portray.

All in all, DUSTED ANGEL couldn't have made a more solid start to their musical career. “The Thorn” is the sort of opening EP / Single that really catches the attention of a lot of people, DUSTED ANGEL, just keep doing what you're doing.

(Online October 22, 2009)

Raven Blackburn

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