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Crimson Armada, The - Guardians (7/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Deathcore
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 41:37
Band homepage: Crimson Armada, The


  1. Guardian
  2. A Filthy Addiction
  3. The Sound, The Flood, The Hour
  4. In The Eyes Of God
  5. The Serpent's Tongue
  6. Revelations
  7. Desecrated
  8. The Final Words
  9. The Architect
  10. Outro
Crimson Armada, The - Guardians

A few years back, AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, a fairly popular Deathcore act, released their debut, “Allegiance.” It got mixed reviews, but what most metalheads complained about was that the “chugging” style AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK adopted sounded almost exactly the same as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

Enter THE CRIMSON ARMADA, with their debut, “Guardians.” The same Metalheads that complained about AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK will have a field day, since these guys sound almost exactly the same as BDM, albeit with breakdowns and less mature Death Metal riffs to make their music more approachable to Hardcore fans.

Besides the abundance of breakdowns and less complex guitar riffs, the only other difference between this band and BDM is the actual lyrical content. Take all the terror, death, and other awesome stuff BDM vocalist Trevor Strnad belts out and replace it with Christian preaching. That’s right; THE CRIMSON ARMADA is a Christian band, and pretty damn militant about it.

“How can you speak, when the Serpent’s got your tongue?!”

Sigh. When will these bands realize you can’t repackage Metal, which was an opposite reaction to organized religion, into a friendly, non-blasphemous groveling for God? It just doesn’t work.

The music THE CRIMSON ARMADA plays, if you completely ignore the lyrics, is actually quite good. The Melodeath guitar riffs are certainly catchy, and epic symphonic backgrounds are scattered throughout the album. Since this band will automatically be compared by others to BDM, as I have, I can say the drumming is fairly generic. More fills and complex beats would put a lot more energy in their songs.

There really isn’t much more to say. Any review of BDM will basically be a review of this band. Hopefully, these guys will be a little more original in their next album—and, damn it all, we don’t need any more Christcore bands!

Recommended songs: “The Sound, The Flood, The Hour”, “The Serpent’s Tongue”, “The Final Words”

(Online November 3, 2009)

Mateusz Mrozewski

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