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Overmars - Born Again (9,5/10) - France - 2007

Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge Doom
Label: Appease Me
Playing time: 39:25
Band homepage: Overmars


  1. Born Again
Overmars - Born Again

France seems to be a breeding pool for extremely weird and/or creative bands, which make some of the most immortal music I have ever heard in my life. Although almost every culture seems to be influenced by very different aspects, take German Idealism, for instance or their so called teutonic method/style of deducing, or the saxonic style of how to operationalize something, etc. France is subject to the predominant Gallic style, which can be described through the question: "Peut-on dire cela en bon francais?" (Can you translate this into good French?), meaning that whatever we take, in our example, music, or specifically the Doom/Stoner side of Metal, becoming "French" it gets not only weird, but... different, but certainly not in a negative way.

OVERMARS is the name of a relative new band from France (founding 2001), which I haven't heard from before. Regarding some amazing bands from France, this one reminds me very strongly of MONOLITHE, which play similarly long songs, also with a very dark and gloomy atmosphere, as found on "Born Again". At least that's the first thing that came to mind. Unlike MONOLITHE however, OVERMARS include very interesting aspects into their music, such as raspy female vocals, which really add to the overall atmosphere, as well as very well placed effects and electronics. The eerie feeling of the album is exceeded only by its mode of progression, meaning it tears its way through the almost 40 minute length with a vengeance, droning the listener to a state of despair. An interesting way of composing an album, when you listen to the riffs carefully, they seem to be out of sync, but accord with the basic song structures beautifully. Amazing soundscapes are created not only through classic instrument mastery, but through various experimentation with these. The album, while progressing in a very linear manner, is not at all linear itself. It is a parallelism of many droning elements, a pattern of different induced emotions, a wall of sound, that can only be assigned to the era of mass-information.

Listening to this album can be described as a very long walk through a dark forest at night, or if you have exactly that sort of thing in mind, listening to this album while doing it can be a great experience. Going to a lonely spot somewhere, where you can enjoy solitude and peace, is also recommended. If you like Drone or Doom, this is the kind of album for you. If you like Funeral Doom of the more progressive type, you will immediately fall in love with this album.

(Online November 7, 2009)

Aris Stefanov

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