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Crucified Barbara - Jennyfer (6/10) - Sweden - 2009

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 3:49
Band homepage: Crucified Barbara


  1. Jennyfer
  2. Fire
Crucified Barbara - Jennyfer

CRUCIFIED BARBARA released their second album “Til Death Do Us Party” earlier this year. Now, they release the single “Jennyfer” with the title track taken from that record. There are two songs on this single; the previously unreleased song “Fire” accompanies “Jennyfer”, but I have only received the title track to review. (The running time is also only for that song.)

This song is a duet featuring the band’s vocalist Mia Coldheart and Mats Levén. They have fairly similar voices: nasal, yet powerful, and they lift this decent Rock ballad to a pretty good level. The song is a glammy, mid-tempo Hard Rock ballad with much focus on the sing-along-friendly chorus. The production is clear and that works well with the simple composition and the build-ups towards the choruses of this song. All-in-all this is an easy listen, a MÖTLEY CRÛE-inspired song that delivers what that description promises, but nothing more.  

(Online November 23, 2009)

Adam Westlund

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